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(ENNIOO) #181

Nice score that one, a purchase may be in order :slight_smile: .

(Tom B.) #182

A double Savina CD
I senza Dio / …e intorno a lui fu morte
(Thunder Over El Paso (1972) / Death Knows No Time (1969))
Directors: Roberto Bianchi Montero / Leon Klimovsky
Starring: Antonio Sabato, Chris Avram / William Bogart, Wayde Preston
Composer: Carlo Savina
Label: DigitMovies #CDDM196
Tracks 22
Total listening time: 49:05
Available October 17, 2011

(Tom B.) #183

composer: luis bacalov

label: Digitmovies

AKA: Saddle Tramps, Bulldozer Is Back Amigo, Amigo!.. Mon Colt A Deux Mots à Te Dire, The Big And The Bad, En El Oeste Se Puede Hacer… Amigo, It Can Be Done Amigo, Can Be Done Amigo

total duration: 00.40.29

(Tom B.) #184

GDM #GDM4146
Composed by: Gianni Ferrio
19 tracks

(Tom B.) #185

GDM #GDM4147
LA COLT ERA IL SUO DIO (Limited Edition of 500 EDITION)
Composed by: Vasili Kojucharov
10 tracks

(Tom B.) #186

Aka Massacre at Marble City

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(Tom B.) #188

GDM 4149

(Tom B.) #189

GDM 4150

(Tom B.) #190

Quartet Records #QR016

(Extranjero) #191

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GDM 4150[/quote]

A new Bruno Nicolai release is always welcome, but I suspect that this is just going to add 25 minutes of duplication to the 25 minutes already available on the CAM double-bill CD. Though inclusion of the single version of “Anda Muchacho!” on this release is a definite plus, as it’s a superb piece of music (as featured on the King Records Spaghetti Western Encyclopedia Vol 4).

(Tom B.) #192

Most likely “Django spara per primo” will not contain the vocal Bolero. None of the times for the tracks are long enough to contain the vocal.

(Sundance) #193

Being as lazy as I am I just got around opening this one and putting it into the player…

Disappointed it doesn’t include the vocal (English and Italian) versions of the main theme. :-\

(chuck connors brother) #194

I love the Italian version of that song, when they pan across the outside of the train.

(Tom B.) #195

Some of these CD’s are just copies of the old LP’s. Apparently vocals have to be acquired seperately and royalties paid. That’s why even todays releases seldom have the vocals included on the scores.

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Now it’s time for DVD release of Nevada!

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