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Please post information on new spaghetti soundtracks releases etc. on this topic!

Check out also:

I just added to database some recent cd releases: Viva Django from DigitMovies, The Sign of the Coyote/Sartana’s Here… Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin and A Man Called Apocalypse Joe/Man Called Invincible from Beat Records.

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Nice initiative. I have a hard time keeping track (pun intended) of what’s being released and from what label so will keep a close watch on this thread and come with what input I can.

New Corri uomo corri (Bruno Nicolai) soundtrack cd coming from Digitmovies on Nov. 14… This one is 33 tracks and thereby beating the one released by CAM (which I of course recently purchased, oh well) by several lengths

Soon from GDM:

Comin’ At Ya!
Per Pochi Dollari Ancora

Track list for Per Pochi Dollari Ancora:

New soundtracks from GDM:





ALL’OMBRA DI UNA COLT that was good news

A great score in my opinion!

Don’t think I’ve heard the other ones, except for Little Rita.

Anybody know what they are like?

[quote=“Lindberg, post:7, topic:718”]Don’t think I’ve heard the other ones, except for Little Rita.[/quote]Oh, I forgot to mention: It’s instrumental soundtrack. It doesn’t have any of Rita Pavone’s songs. Too bad.

Haha, it doesn’t matter, better to watch the film and see Rita Pavone sing :wink:

But a strange choice to release this score without the singing ???

Only for completists :smiley:

And one more:
This man can’t die

Feb. 20 from Verita Note:

Professionals for a Massacre

No dates yet, but GDM has announced the following three soundtracks:

GDM 4113 20.000 DOLLARI SPORCHI DI SANGUE (Michele Lacerenza)
GDM 4114 SU LE MANI, CADAVERE! SEI IN ARRESTO (Alessandro Alessandroni

GDM has really sped up their spaghetti western soundtrack release-rate lately. Keep’em coming !!

Re-releases of some of the obscure OOP soundtracks released on other labels would also be nice.

The new GDM-soundtracks should be coming at the end of the month.

[quote=“AvatarDK, post:13, topic:718”]The new GDM-soundtracks should be coming at the end of the month.


Thanks for the info! I’ve been waiting for two of these OST’s to be released. They already have them on movie grooves so think i’m going to have to make a purchase very soon!

You and me both, amiga. GDM is pushing these out faster than my wallet can follow.

True! Got a mail from Movie Grooves yesterday saying that some of the prices are being permanently lowered, including a bunch of the GDM ones. Hopefully by the weekend, A Name That Cried Revenge and Raise Your Hands Dead Man should be with me. The “Kidnapping” one sounding interesting from the soundclips… should be getting the film itself some time soon so i’ll be able to get a better idea of it then.

Else has the limited GDM-releases at approx $25 a piece. That’s a bit cheaper.

Thanks. I’ve just checked out the link and there’s definitely some interesting stuff…including a couple of cd’s that i’d been told are out of print… :slight_smile:

Yes they have a lot of nice stuff. Plus they reply quickly to emails and package their sendings very well. They come highly recommended !

Faccia a faccia soundtrack release from Verita Note:

34 tracks, so the most expanded yet :slight_smile: