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(Søren) #301

Digitmovies is re-releasing the score for Una ragione per vivere e una per morire:

The old release which contained the same tracks also included the score for La notte dei serpenti so that would still be the release to get if you’re hooked on spaghetti.


(Nick) #302

So it seems that Beat Records, in conjunction with Chris’ Soundtrack Corner, will soon be re-releasing the soundtrack to Keoma and Il Cacciatore Di Squali.

Translated (poorly) from their Facebook post:

Next Saturday, April 21th, on the occasion of the 21th edition of music day Rome, beat records offers you a resounding meeting with director enzo g. Castellari for a moment dedicated to two films, of absolute worship, directed by him: Keoma and the shark hunter.

The fine music for these fabulous films, made up of the brothers de angelis, are now finally available on cd published by the German label Chris soundtrack corner, on license from the beat records company. With the director and other surprise guests we will talk about how much these have contributed to the success of the films, which are now considered among the greatest feature films of the 70. S, and also the memory of that era thanks to the tales of Enzo G Castellari, Already Author of a wonderful biography, (White shoots, and bloodbuster) in which he has covered behind the scenes of his professional life and not.

In addition to the CD of the sound columns of keoma and de the shark Hunter, we will have available the biography of master castellari, the white shoots, and a stand with thousands of rare soundtrack of Italian and international cinema!

The appointment is for Saturday 21 April, at 15:30 pm at music day Rome, xx edition, hotel mercure Roma West, via heroes of kefalonia 301 (Spinaceto).

(Søren) #303

Been after those scores since I started collecting. Never managed to pick up the original Hexacord-release that contained tracks from both. Il cacciatore di squali is also known as Jungle Django in Germany so a semi spaghetti western :slight_smile:

(Søren) #304

And here is the cover for the combined soundtrack:

The tracks will be the exact same as those found on the 25 year old Hexacord release minus the ones for a third movie that was on the original release so that’s kind of disappointing.

(Nick) #305

Beat me to it, I’m also a little disappointed by the lack of any new tracks, but at least we can get our hands on this score again.

(Asa) #306

To any/all of you gentlemen who have bought/are buying the Keoma soundtrack: I’ve got a recording of myself scraping my fingernails down a chalkboard for three hours straight whilst walloping a sackful of cats with a tennis racquet. All yours for a fiver. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Søren) #307

Have a Good Funeral My Friend… Keoma Will Play

(Mickey13) #308

Do you accept paypal?


Do you accept food stamps?

(ENNIOO) #310

Those tracks on the Hexacord release of the third film our not to bad aswell a shame. The Hexacord release is one the first soundtracks I purchased on CD.

(Nick) #311

Only if you send me a recording with all of your witty responses as well.

Also do you accept spare kidneys?

(Søren) #312

Pentamusic is releasing an expanded score of Joko invoca Dio …e muori on cd:

(Nick) #313

Dang it beat me to it lol

I sort of regret that I purchased the Hillside version now that this came out. 3 new bonus tracks including an alternate stereo mix of the main theme!

(Søren) #314

Yep those slightly expanded scores are a pain when you already bought the ‘original’ release.

(Nick) #315

Big news coming soon! I can’t spoil it now but keep your eyes out!

(Søren) #316

Beat Records should be announcing one or more spaghetti western scores today. Do you have inside information ?

(Nick) #317

I do, but I promised not to share lol.

(Søren) #318

Nice. I can wait :slight_smile: Just the fact that a genuinely new release and probably more are forthcoming is great.

(Søren) #319

Also I have a feeling what release was being teased in the Beat Facebook post :slight_smile:

(Nick) #320

You’ll be pleasently surprised. It’s something that’s never been releaed before and by an artist that’s not gotten a lot of recognition.