Soundtrack News

(Søren) #281

The Les petroleuses soundtrack is doubled with the soundtrack for Dans la poussière du soleil it seems. 20 tracks for the first and 10 tracks for the other:

(Nick) #282

I thought I might mention, that along with their Blindman DVD release, ABKCO has re-released the soundtrack to Blindman by Stelvio Cipriani on Itunes for $9.99. It actually has a noticeably nicer sound than the Digitmovies release (I can’t believe I’m saying that, since Digitmovies is like the rolls royce of soundtrack restoration). This release doesn’t combine the middle and right channels like in the original digitmovies release so it allows for a more noticeable presence in the higher end frequencies.

If you enjoy listening to these Italian Western soundtracks at an affordable price, I’d recommend that you create yourself an Itunes account as a large number of these hard to get soundtracks are available to purchase. (Johnny Yuma, Day of Anger, For a Few Dollars More, etc.)

(Søren) #283

Pentamusic has released the scores for Silver Saddle and Four of the Apocalypse:

Both soundtracks are already out from other labels with what looks like near identical running times so don’t know how much point there is in getting this if you already own one of those.

(Søren) #284

Coming February 28th from Beat Records the score for Joe l’implacabile aka Dynamite Joe:

(Søren) #285

March 31th Beat Records is releasing the score for Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo:

(Nick) #286

Hey! I’m glad that Beat re-released this one! Hopefully they also release Una Lunga Fila Di Croce as well!

(Søren) #287

I’m pretty sure that we’ll eventually see expanded scores of all the spaghetti westerns combined releases Beat has done in the past. They have done a great job bringing them out these last of couple of years.

(Søren) #288

Expanded score for Sentenza di morte to be released by Digitmovies April 28th

(Søren) #289

No new release for 6 months. Must be some kind of a record. But finally here’s what we’ve been waiting for. A very slightly expanded (one track) score for Ringo il volto della vendetta will be released by GDM:

(Nick) #290

Thanks for the news Soren. Hopefully we might get a few more releases before the year is out.

(Sebastian) #291

New Vinyl release coming up

added it to

(Sebastian) #292

What are some great soundtrack releases of this year that I could include on the holiday guide?

(Nick) #293

Unfortunately there’s only been a few this year, however since it seems that Vinyl is becoming somewhat popular, I’d recommend some of the Dagored releases out this year.

Some CD’s:

Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo

Sentenza di morte

Ringo il volto della vendetta

(Søren) #294

It’s been a lousy year for soundtracks for Italian genre movies in general. As I’ve moaned about earlier in here print (?) runs for the soundtracks are going down. It used to be 1000, then 500 has been the norm for many years and now we’re seing runs of 300 copies which is plenty it seems. Sentenza di morte is still ‘in print’ 8 months later.

(Nick) #295

Unfortunately I think that the little known genre music only interests people like ourselves and distributors don’t really see much reason to push them out. Unfortunately that leaves us with countless re-releases of Morricone’s music since that sells like hotcakes. In the past five years theres been like three or four different versions of Il Mercenario. All with the same 16 tracks.

It’s a bummer, but money is the driving force to everything, and CD soundtracks are such a niche market.

Regardless I want Tempo Di Massacro on CD dammit!

(Søren) #296

Sure it’s a niche market but just a bit more niche now than in used to be :slight_smile: The interest has been waning the last couple of years. I have tons of soundtracks on my shelves for Italian genre movies but just not so many from the last year. I don’t know if people have just abandoned cds and are streaming instead but it is kind of sad. Digitmovies used to be pumping them at least 4 releases every month, GDM and Beat Records likewise. Beat Records seem to be still carrying on but the output of Digitmovies are down to what 3 releases every other month, GDM doesn’t seem to be releasing much at all. There are of course a couple of newcomers but only with infrequent releases.

But I agree the soundtrack for Tempo di massacro is sorely missed :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #297

My youngest daughters got me this one for Christmas. It’s making for some great Christmas day listening.

The two-tone colored vinyl is quite a nice touch too


And I’m watching the film as we speak! It’s my go to Christmas film after Black Christmas (1974).

(Sebastian) #299

watched it on the 23rd, too :slight_smile:


Il Grande Silenzio is fast becoming my all-time favourite film.