Soundtrack News

(Reza) #261

Yea, i have it…best release!

(ENNIOO) #262

Very nice. Missed out on the Japanese cd’s of the Van Cleef movies.

(Lorenzo) #263

Spaghetti Western: The Bulletproof Collection - Vol. 1 (expected April 23, 2015)

Spaghetti Western: The Bulletproof Collection - Vol. 2 (expected April 23, 2015)

(gringo_bastardo) #264

^vol 2 looks really interesting :smiley:

(Søren) #265

(ENNIOO) #266

Think I will pass on that one :smiley:

(Søren) #267

Haha. Think I will too actually :slight_smile: Might pick it up if it comes on sale though. Still a completist :slight_smile:

(Lorenzo) #268

The Big Gundown (la Resa Dei Conti) [Vinyl LP] is limited to 500. I’ve just received 396/500. So if you want one, you should hurry:

(Søren) #269

Digitmovies is apparently releasing the score for Uccidete Johnny Ringo (aka Kill Johnny Ringo)

(Søren) #270

California / Reverendo Colt soundtrack is being released by Digitmovies:

(Søren) #271

Pentamusic that I have never heard of are releasing a more complete score for Day of Anger (40 tracks, 78 mins.)

and Beat Music is releasing the score for Il sogno di Zorro;

(Søren) #272

The soundtrack for Take a Hard Ride gets a new release from La La Land Records:

(ENNIOO) #273

NIce, lovely main theme to that one.

(Søren) #274

Pentamusic are releasing yet another spaghetti western score. This time for Days of Vengeance:

Same runtime as the ‘old’ Verita Note-release though which I already have, so I’ll skip this one.

(Søren) #275

And Pentamusic again. This time scores from Requiescant and O’Cangaceiro

(Søren) #276

On June 27th Digitmovies will release a 31-track soundtrack for Adios Gringo (Benedetto Ghiglia):

(Søren) #277

Digitmovies will be releasing the score for Sapevano solo uccidere.

(Nick) #278

I’m not certain if this has been posted yet, but Dagored has been re-releasing some classic spaghetti soundtracks on LP. These have beautiful covers and vinyl designs.

The ones that I’ve found are Nico Fidenco’s Piu Il Gusto Di Uccidere (I don’t see it on the site but it’s on Discogs.

Il Grande Silenzio

La Resa Dei Conti

I’ve listened to some samples and they sound fantastic! There are other soundtracks on the home site as well, including Bruno Nicolai’s Eyeball and Ennio Morricone’s Revolver.

(Søren) #279

Quartet Records is releasing the expanded score for Les Petroleuses:

(Søren) #280

Digitmovies is releasing Ringo e Gringo contro tutti on cd October 28th: