Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead / Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo (Giuseppe Vari, 1971)

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Is there any news on the TBA blu ray slated for August? I was thinking of getting the koch dvd but saw the blu listing

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I agree Stanton, thought it was a different kind of movie to the typical but nonetheless I really enjoyed it, thought Kinski was great and had some maniacal moments , and thought Paolo Casella was super cool as the mysterious John Webb, Defo not a classic in any way but a good solid movie.

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All in all, to leave the discovery of the bodies and what happened to Eleanor’s husband to the viewer’s imagination is not a bad thing.


I don’t get the lukewarm response to this one, it’s one of my absolute favourites and I think the best of all the really low-budget spaghetti westerns. Normally I hate the sight of the gravel pits but I think Vari, in a genius move, used the low budget to his advantage here by giving the film a dream-like quality with the fake desert, shoddy acting, strange moments like the water scene and the surreal score, and it makes sense given most of the characters would have that insomniac feel in the second half. I sort of liken it to Eyes Wide Shut, my favourite Kubrick movie, where Kubrick used a screen projector to recreate the streets of New York. The method was always criticized but to me it gives the film the dream-like quality it needs, and I think the same can be said for this movie.


This is on my re-watch list. I have the Koch blu-ray so I’ll giver another go…


A tad slow, but very in tense western, ( a lot of the film takes place in a single room/ area) reminded me a bit of Day of the Outlaw (1959) but is much more violent, and gritty. Kinski I enjoyed very much as he is out of his mind, and doesn’t care who’s harmed along the way.

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Fell asleep the first time, so I just gave it another go. Not quite the masterpiece I was expecting but definitely a good film. I could have done without the jingle bells though. My rating: 3/5


3 chances I’ve given it. I like slow films but this one just fails to captivate my attention.


I don’t get it ! … this is far from being a ‘good film’, maybe it’s watchable as a SW oddity - but it felt like a very very long 90 minutes to me.

Some people seem transfixed by Kinski’s bad behaviour - I personally find it as appealing as watching a two year old brat having a tantrum … and that’s fundamentally what’s going on here.

Kinski appears on screen, man handles / woman handles all of the cast, either grabbing the leading man by the lapels (quite unnecessarily) or pushing around members of his own gang and the members of the stagecoach party. He then goes upstairs for a nap (just like an exhausted brat) and even punches the pillows around, just to let them know who’s the star / in charge.

When we return to him, he bumps into a wash basin and stand, and of course these inanimate objects must feel his wrath too - surprise surprise, he kicks it across the room … then downstairs for some more strutting and sulking which eventually culminates in him shooting one of his own gang.

The plot is as thin and predictable as they come, and the direction creates no real tension or surprises.

The only things of note, for me, was the pleasant theme song and the landlord’s granddaughter, ‘Sandy’ or ‘Santa’, Adriana Giuffre :heart:

1 out of 5

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the landlord’s granddaughter, ‘Sandy’ or ‘Santa’, Patrizia Adiutori :heart: :wink:


Thanks for the correction :slightly_smiling_face: