Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead / Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo (Giuseppe Vari, 1971)

A.K.A. TO KILL A JACKAL-Found an old vhs copy of this one.very boring imo half of the movie takes place in a waystation where nothing happens,the other half is comprised of riding thru the desert where very little happens.Kinski is the lead and it still stinks :stuck_out_tongue:


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I like this movie. According to the 2 films I have seen from Vari, he had some talent as director and obviously the ability to make something out of nothing, because Pray for the living… was made with a very small budget. The 2nd half cries for wide desert landscapes, but Vari had only a gravel pit.
Also one of Kinski’s better contributions to the genre, and one of the few where he plays a lead.

No great SW, but entertaining nevertheless.

Another SW from him is The Last Killer, and it’s even better.

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I agree to you guys. Even Kinski can’t save the day !!!

First time I saw the film I didn’t like it very much, but the second time I thought it was quite ok after all :slight_smile:
It’s a little slow, especially in the beginning, but at least there are some beautiful women to rest you’re eyes on :wink:
The Koch dvd surprisingly has english audio :wink:

i think kinski is great in this one. probably just being himself without any script

I figured i’d find one of the oldest posts in this section and bring it back.I love this movie. It has a very rel;axing feel to it. It is suspenseful and well made.

Yeah, well made and underrated

It may sound like a stupid question but what iswith gravel pits? Are they imported sand or what? I actually like the gravel pits.

No, it’s a place where companys dig great holes in the ground to get gravel or sand. After the pit is exploited it automatically floods with water, and you get a sea which is also visible in many SWs as a real sea substitute.

A gravel- or sand pit is the poorest looking location I have ever seen. It indicates an ultra cheap production.

AFoD was compared to most of the italian shot SWs an expensive film.

Exactly. Just think old Dr Who TV shows. The two shooting options were in the studio with cardboard sets or on location in a quarry (gravel pit) :slight_smile: Tells you everything you need to know about a production’s budget. However, as has been proved on many occasions, budget restrictions don’t necessarily have to mean a bad film. If you see a crap film shot in a gravel pit the one thing you can be sure of is it certainly ain’t the fault of the gravel pit.

I blame the pit. ;D

Right, the pits

[quote=“stanton, post:10, topic:460”]A gravel- or sand pit is the poorest looking location I have ever seen. It indicates an ultra cheap production.[/quote]Haha, reminds me of Fidani films where the guys keep rolling down the sand pit cliffs. There’s even one Finnish western that’s almost completely shot in the sand pit.

I really liked this one, a suspensful sw that is based more on the strong solid plot with great psychedelic score in the desert trip. no less than 4/5

Yeah! Another one who likes it! Strong plot indeed. Almst has a dream like quality. I guess that depends on what mood your in. This film is criiminally underrated.

Actually agreed, if you are expecting an action packed sw full of gunfights and fistfights you better leave this one aside for awhile.

Wrote a review for this a while back but rewritten recently almost from scratch.

I think here we got one of Kinski’s best SW-performances. He shows the wide range of his abilities as an actor. I like the movie very much.
It’s not the big asskickin’ western, no duster, it’s more a kind of chamber-western. But I like that.

Kinski and those crazy eyes !