Sergio Corbucci

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Personally, as I like 9 of his 12 westerns (and there’s Minnesota Clay which I find just okay), I’d recommend everything except Johnny Oro and The White, the Yellow, and the Black.

(jesse james) #142

it’s too hard to decide which one to vote: companeros or the great silence?

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(sartana1968) #144

i like five of his films:

  1. django
  2. navajo joe
  3. minesota clay
  4. the mercenary

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(Asa) #146

1. Django
2. The Mercenary
3. Navajo Joe
4. The Great Silence
5. Companeros

They’re all very close, though.

(alk0) #147

Il Grande Silenzio, hands down.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #148

Amen, brother. Preach it!

(James Flessas ) #149

The Great Silence is and always will be a favorite of mine

(George Bellow Ferguson) #150

1 Django, 2 The Great Silence, 3 The Mercenary,4 Navajo Joe, 5 Minnesota Clay, 6 Johnny Oro, 7 Companeros, 8 The Hellbender’s, 9 The Specialists, & 10 Massacre at Grand Canyon. I don’t count the 3 post Companeros westerns. They are quite awful.

(Novecento) #151

Has anyone ever seen Corbucci’s “The Beast” (Il bestione) from 1974? It’s not a western but about trucking.

(scherpschutter) #152

I haven’t, looking at the year of making, I wouldn’t have high expectations. His best period was 64-70, the glory years of the spaghetti western. Before and after he made more comedies - often unfunny - than action movies. Bersaglio Mobile, a thriller from 1967 is quite alright, if not on the same level as some of the westerns he made in that period

(Stanton) #153

Not yet, but I will get it soon.

(Stanton) #154

Massacre at Grand Canyon is probably not really directed by him. it does not look so, and he says he directed only a few scenes. And his 3rd Zapata western and Sonny and Jed are at least much better than this turkey, and for me on the same level as Johnny Oro and I Crudeli.

(scherpschutter) #155

It’s on You Tube:

Italian language only, mediocre video quality (but seems watchable)

(ENNIOO) #156

There is a fansubbed version over at CG which I keep meaning to view.

(scherpschutter) #157

Probably better quality than this thing …

(Novecento) #158

Thanks - I read an interview with Corbucci where he mentioned this along with Sam Peckinpah’s “Convoy” as both being trucker movies.

(Bill san Antonio) #159

I’ve seen it once in theater with english dub. Quite good film but it would have needed Milian in the main role, it’s such a Milian-type role.

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Working hard on “everything Corbucci” there are three additions, some updates, one brand new: