Sergio Corbucci

(The Stranger) #121

My ranking:

  1. The Great Silence (10/10)
  2. Il Mercenario (9/10)
  3. Django (9/10)
  4. The Specialist (8/10)
  5. Companeros (8/10)
  6. Navajo Joe (7/10)

(volonte) #122

My favourite is Compañeros, although it is not his best. Here’s my list:

  1. Compañeros
  2. The Great Silence
  3. Il Mercenario
  4. Django
  5. The Specialist
  6. Hellbenders
  7. Navajo Joe
  8. Sonny and Jed
  9. What am I doing in the middle of Revolution?
  10. Minnesota Clay
  11. Johnny Oro
  12. Massacre at grand Canyon
  13. The White, The yellow and the black.

(Stanton) #123

Went on with my search for all Corbucci films he made in his SW times. 4 films between Minnesota Clay and The Yellow, the White, the Black.

Yesterday it was The Man Who Laughs (1965). A historical adventure film about the Borgia clan, with Caesare (Edmund Purdom) and Lucretia (Lisa Gaston) being the baddies. Jean Sorel can be seen in the double lead as a duke who fights against the Borgias and as an artist with a distorted face (he’s the man who always “laughs”, but mostly his disfigured mouth is covered under a mask) who becomes part of the intrigues of the Borgias.

Made between Minnesota Clay and Johnny Oro it is an interesting film with several good ideas, but a conventional ending was chosen when there was the possibility to create a real tragic one, which would have been the more consequent ending. And despite some violence and some sword fighting, it is not mainly an action film.
Not a typical Corbucci, but in the end which film is a typical Corbucci? It is surely not a film for the fans of Django and The Great Silence.

PS. a big thank you to Silver for giving me this one.

(ENNIOO) #124

Reminds me I have Il bestione ( 1974 ) which I must watch.

(Silver) #125

@Stanton. No problem. Now just please ignore the mail i just sent asking if you’d got it yet! :-[

(Hoover Valentine) #126

Anyone ever seen Samurai or Super Fuzz, they recently added these movies to Netflix and was wondering if they were any good.



(Stanton) #128

Super Fuzz is super stupid

(Hoover Valentine) #129

Not sure. It has Gemma and Wallach in it.

The description sounds like its a crazy movie. I’m probally still gonna rent it.


That’s the one. Avoid.

(Hoover Valentine) #131

Even if its horrible I’ve got to watch it.

(Phil H) #132

I felt the same. But I did feel dirty in the morning.

(ENNIOO) #133

The mere mention of the title to my brother makes him depressed.

(Stanton) #134

Yes, for being a Corbucci western it is unavoidable to watch it sooner or later.

(Dorado) #135
  1. Django (The great silence is a better film, but Django is more stylish) 9/10
  2. The great silence 9/10
  3. Il Mercenario 8/10
  4. The specialist 7/10
  5. Companeros 7/10
  6. Navajo Joe 7/10
  7. Minnesota Clay 6/10
  8. Hellbenders 6/10
  9. Johnny Oro 5/10
  10. Sonny and Jed 5/10
  11. What am I doing in the middle of a revolution 3/10
  12. Massacre at grand canyon 2/10
  13. The white, the yellow and the black 2/10

(Andy) #136

I actually voted for Django because I think it’s better than The Great Silence (please don’t shoot my thumbs off :P). It is just such a classic. I guess if I had to make a list it would be this:

  1. Django
  2. The Great Silence
  3. Compañeros
  4. The Mercenary
  5. Navajo Joe
  6. Hellbenders
  7. Minnesota Clay

Haven’t seen the others (well, I saw part of ‘what am I doing in the middle of the revolution’ but got very bored of it). I would like to see The Specialist and Johnny Oro though.

(Bill san Antonio) #137

[quote=“Ghost of Sartana, post:136, topic:140”]I actually voted for Django because I think it’s better than The Great Silence (please don’t shoot my thumbs off :P). It is just such a classic.[/quote]I voted for TGS but nowadays I think I’d go for Django maybe.

(Stanton) #138

Part 3 of Corbucci non-westerns in the years of his prime.

Bersaglio mobile (1967) / Moving Target aka Death on the Run

Made between The Hellbenders and The Great Silence it is a Spy thriller set in Greece with Ty Hardin as the moving target, and Michael Rennie and Gordon Mitchell in further roles.

I don’t know what to think about it.
The story is nothing special, nor are the characters, but the directing is quite lively with a few fast cut shoot outs. The plot is often so filled with implausibleness and happenstance that, in combination with the heroes nonchalant manner to get out of all trouble (and he is permanent in trouble), the film almost looks like a parody. But only almost.

Not a clue of the forthcoming TGS in it, nor anything which could remind me of Django. But a bit more interesting as The Hellbenders.

(Jude) #139

So far i have seen these and i rank them like this:

  1. The Great Silence (5/5) - Simply magical film, Corbucci’s masterpiece.
  2. Companeros (4,5/5)
  3. Django (4,5/5)
  4. The Mercenary (4/5)

I don’t know what other films i would check, maybe Navajo Joe or Specialists.

(Stanton) #140

These 2 and The Hellbenders (even if I’m not fond of the last, but many others are)
And Minnesota Clay is also worth a try.