Sergio Corbucci

Alright fellas, let’s put it to a vote. Corbucci has made some crap, but also some of the finest. Cast your vote

my favorite one is The Great Silence aka Leichen pflaster seinen weg.
the end is great and the music from Morricone incredible.
You’ve forgotten Navajo Joe.
massacre at grand canyon is like minnesota clay not a typical SW, imo.
I would say Corbucci is with Sollima and Petroni the best SW director. I didn’t mentioned Leone, of course.

The Mercenary, a great flick, Corbucci’s best big budget western followed closely by Companero’s, The Great Silence is also good but a bit lower budget.

The Great Silence for me. Here’s how I’d rate Corbucci films in scale of 1-5:

The Great Silence 5
Django 5
Companeros 5
Minnesota Clay 4
Sonny & Jed 4
Mercenary 4
Hellbenders 3
Navajo Joe 3
What am I doing in the middle of a revolution2
Ringo and his Golden Pistol 2
Samurai 1
Massacre at Grand Canyon 1

I haven’t seen Specialist yet.

don’t rate, vote! :slight_smile:


Fuckin amazing film

I enjoy Django and most of Corbucci films but…

The great Silence

like the title the movie let me without voice…

:o Could you explain why?

a tounge in cheek joke :smiley:

I am not so well read about english jokes… :wink:

I’ve only seen Django and The Great Silence but I love both!!

same thing about me

you gotta see Il Mercenario and Companeros. two totally excellent revolution spaghetti westerns


he mad a lot of crap as well :wink:

I like “Django” most of Corbucci’s westerns. It is also one of the first sw’s I ever saw.
But “Great Silence” is also a great movie.

Here my list of the Corbucci’s:

  1. Django
  2. Great Silence
  3. Mercenario
  4. Companeros
  5. Navajo Joe
  6. Minnesota Clay
  7. Johnny Oro
  8. The white, the yellow and the black
  9. Massacre at Grand Canyon

Next week I get to watch “Specialists”.

It’s strange how Corbucci changed his style all the time. Some of his first westerns were very close to American westerns, then he developed his style to very bleak and violent. Then he made his revolution westerns which were full of action with some comedic elements. Sonny & Jed had also some comedy but with serious story. And then he started making pure comedies like White, Yellow and the Black and some Hill & Spencer films.

Yeah, kinda strange :wink:

But i have to disagree to some guys , cause I think that Django is worse than Great Silence, maybe even worse than Companeros. It is completely different to this both examples, but not that good.

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today i’m gonna get Navajo Joe
i hope it’s good
is it true that Mercenary and Companeros are almost the same films?

Mercenary and Companeros are very similar, but both worth watching. Companeros is the more lighthearted of the two. The music in both is excellent. As usual, in both films Franco Nero ends up running around hip firing a big machine gun!