Sergio Corbucci

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oh yeah

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Hannie Caulder was released some months ago in Germany. I had to buy it instantly - because of that pic up there…

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I am a big fan of the 2nd Sergio. The Great Silence is my favorite of his with the bleak well everything in it.
my other favorites are in order:
Navajo Joe
The Mercenary

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Here’s an article I wrote about Sergio Corbucci and his westerns for the database. I had it written basically for the german wikipedia, but this is the expanded version.

Thanks to Phil for the polishing.

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[quote=“Stanton, post:104, topic:140”]Here’s an article I wrote about [[Sergio Corbucci and his westerns]] for the database. I had it written basically for the german wikipedia, but this is the expanded version.

Thanks to Phil for the polishing.[/quote]

We need a link Sranton

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One moment, please, I’m just trying to find out how this f… ~*$%&% link thing works …

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No problem.
Here it is

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This way of linking is no problem for me, and I had it already inserted above. But I first tried to do it by making the words themselves as the link. I’m still trying …

Ahh, now, that’s what I mean:

Sergio Corbucci and His Westerns

And it needs a few pictures. I have still no clue how to load some up. I have asked my argumentators, wasted time, they are really not very bright.

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Great work, loved every word of it, agreed with most of them
I like The Hellbenders a little bit more than you do, although my praise is more or less restricted to the opening massacre and the rather abrupt conclusion

An artist is to be judged by his best work, so for me Corbucci is one of the greatest

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Django, The Great Silence and Compañeros are 1. 2. and 3. in my top 20, i’m not a too big fan of The Mercenary and What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution was ok but a little weird! I’ve not seen the others so I’ll wait with my vote. Corbucci is my favorite director, I think he’s better than Leone! :o

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True. Better 1 masterpiece than 2 dozens of OK films.

I have added a few picture to the article (but still searching for better ones), amongst them a rather nice german re-release poster, which I also uploaded to the data base.

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C’mon. I love the fact that most of us can appreciate differing opinions but Sergio, I feel is unchallenged on top. The body of work (although Leone didn’t make as many movies) is much stronger. I love most of Corbucci’s movies but he will always be the Jan Brady to Leone’s Marcia.

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Some more photos to the article. Too much now maybe. Whatever

I should try to get screenshots out of my DVDs to get the perfect pictures, as there are better ones than what I found in the net.

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Spaghettis are very pictaresque films so don’t worry about too many pics. Just, I would like to see more pics of his later films like Sonny and Jed, Revolution, White…

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Yeah, a big fault …

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I like Corbucci’s movies more because they’re downbeat and dark.

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Stumbled over a cheap DVD of a Corbucci film, which he made immediately after Companeros. It is called Er più: storia d’amore e di coltello. The title means something like The Biggest: A story of Love and of the Knife. Hid first film with Adriano Celentano in the lead, but it ain’t a comedy like the German title and the cover of the DVD (which must be from another film) seems to indicate.

It’s a drama (with a few comedy touches at the beginning) about the code of honour and some strange rituals amongst crooks in the Rome at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s also a love story.
It was shot mainly in a large studio set. Maybe it all means something to an Italian audience, but I couldn’t find out what the interest of Corbucci could have been in making it. At least quite different from the westerns he made the years before.

Not badly made, but I didn’t get much interest in the story and the characters.

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I also stumbled over this cheap DVD (but aren’t most of the Adriano Celentano Films on cheap DVD’s). The only thing which made me curious about this film is the Director’s Name.

Bluff (aka the Con Artists) is one of the best movies Corbucci made with Adriano Celentano and maybe it’s his best Comedy too. A movie with a similiar story like “The Sting” with Anthony Quinn and Bond Girl Corinne Clery. :slight_smile:

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Bluff has a few funny moments and a few well directed scenes (and Corinne Clery, which helps a lot), and is generally more entertaining than the one I watched yesterday, and also much better and much funnier than The White, the Yellow, the Black. But compared to The Sting it is a minor film.
Bluff is wasted by a very weak end.