Sergio Corbucci

(Dillinger) #81

So, Specialists is four favourite Spagh?

(korano) #82

Not really. I am not acurate in my ratings but I like Companeros as the second best spagh while Specialist best Corbucci. I can’t type that well since my cat is climbing all over me right now. AH! She left. anyway, I like specialists best because it is probably Corbucci’s least main steam spghetti. I didn’t like it better than Companeros but … I don’t know

(ENNIOO) #83

I know what you mean I have three cats.

(Dillinger) #84

It’s not logical, but I understand :wink:

(korano) #85

No, not logical all. :smiley: But I auppose we fans have a ixth sense about what each other means.

(Dillinger) #86

Cool! I know, it was a mistake in writing, but the term “ixth sense” sounds magical!

(Søren) #87

Would have made a better movie, that’s for sure…

Using Roman numerals ix = 9, which gives us the 9th sense… F*ck the 7th and the 8th…

(autephex) #88

I’ve got ya beat… I have five little bastardos

(ENNIOO) #89

You sure do!..A Fistful Of Pussies indeed.

(Romaine Fielding) #90

Oh my god. I’m cracking up! Haaaahaaaaa

(korano) #91

There was a story I heard about some old time entertainer. He was interviewing this old lady who was holding this cat. She asked, “You want to pet my pussy?” Responce, “Sure, if you get that damn cat out of the way!”

(Romaine Fielding) #92

Amigo, that was late night icon Johnny Carson who said it and that was no old lady, it was Raquel Welch!

I just looked on youtube and, unbelievably, it’s not there.

(Romaine Fielding) #93

Wait, maybe Raquel Welch IS an old lady to you!

(korano) #94

Now she is. My Dad told me that one a couple of years ago so I don’t remeber a lot. But she was somthing back then.

(Romaine Fielding) #95

Seen Hannie Calder?

(korano) #96

not yet.But I think the most you’ll ever see might be in 100 Rifles.

(Romaine Fielding) #97

In Hannie Calder: bathtub scene and shrink-to-fit leather pants.
This one is coming your way…

(korano) #98


(autephex) #99

Same here… nice one ENNIOO 8)

(autephex) #100

surely you’ve seen this though…