Sandbox - Try out, experiment, learn!

Use this topic to practice using the new forum. A few things to try are

  • Quoting someone by highlighting text and clicking ‘quote reply’
  • Post a picture by uploading it
  • Post a YouTube video by pasting the link (the forum will automatically embed it)
  • Format your text, include links, use bullet points, etc.
  • search within a topic by a) scrolling down or b) using the search bar (which lets you do topic-internal search if you are in a topic)
  • mention someone else by using @ and typing someone’s username
  • liking a post

There are more things to try. Just knock yourselves out. Learning by doing! :smile:

Make sure you read our little Welcome Topic with a few helpful tips and links.

Learn about badges and trust levels in this explainer topic.

So, that’s how it’s done. Great.

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muhahaha, i’ve just done that too

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Cool, but what’s the twenty characters thing

It’s a requirement to improve quality of discussion a bit away from people just replying “yeah” :wink:

Yeah, and the quote doesn’t count in that 20, I’ve tried :slight_smile:

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Let’s try with a couple of YouTube videos.

The first one (December '77) is dedicated to scherpschutter who doesn’t like the hairdo of Femi Benussi in Quintana, the second is epochal: according to Mr. Giancarlo, contestant on a TV game show in the early 1990s, “Amazons won battles thanks to their cunt”… :smile:

Continuing those Oneboxings, here’s a few more content types I wanna try

Simple image link

Imdb Link (thumbnail broken, known problem)

Amazon link

Twitter tweet

Facebook post (edit: nope, doesn’t do anything)

TOP 50 Spaghetti Western “IMDB”

Life [quote=“Admin, post:8, topic:3624”]
a search for love and self via a series of adventures