New Forum Layout [Feedback and Questions]

The old forum was much more appealing. Just my opinion. How does everyone else feel?

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Update: Now there’s a Sandbox to try out new functionality

Was well used to the old layout, guess I will get used to the new layout in time.

The old forum looked much better, but I guess there are reason for the change. Like the times, the cellphones are a’ changing

I’m going to respectfully disagree with you fine gentlemen. It’s headspinning for sure, and of course there’s a lot (a LOT!) to get used to, but I already think I prefer it. Or at least, I can see clearly that I’m going to, once my heads on straight with it.

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I don’t want to rush to a quick judgement and clearly the old forum needed updating so I’ll just say it’s all a little… bewildering at the moment. It’s going to take [I]time[/I] to work it all out.

The world is falling apart, even last.caress is a’ changing

Well, not yet, but you can see clearly that he’s going to

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Well the change has been announced multiple times some time ago, so it’s definitely not a surprise :smile:

This new layout will take a bit of time to get used to, but it works really well, is technically up to date, you can use it on a mobile, you’ll be able to reply by email, the search is really awesome, it looks a lot more fine tuned and there’s all kinds of little other new things to discover. So… take a look around, please do ask where you encounter problems. And have an open mind :smile:

Where can I find all the forum statistics or are they no longer displayed?

You can find a few at the “about” page. I do have some more in my admin screen, I will try to find out how I can share more statistics. What in particular are you most interested in? Like active users and such? You can also browse the “users” listing and sort it by likes etc.

Yes, the search engine is much stronger. And you don’t have to log in to do a search. Do we still have the option to go to unread posts since last visit?

Not entirely sure, but the top menu’s “new” and “unread” selections should apply to you personally, so they are your actual new for you and unread by you filters.

Looking fantastic! Just looking around at all the pops n buzzers :slight_smile:

Golly! There’s a lot going on here, Seb. It’s all good though! Lots of things to get my head around. I definitely like it though, I can see why you went this way for sure.

Yea still some stuff to tweak but overall this a pretty sweet setup

Trying to add a pic

Seems to work, but the pic is rather big and the guy on the right rather small

What do you mean? You can also post a screenshot from your computer if something seems wrong, so I know how it looks like for you

I kinda like it - if pictures can be post without visiting imagesites, that’s great.
Hell, even sartana1968 can post a picture now. :smiley:

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Yes just upload or post links (the forum will download embedded pictures)

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Sorry about the usernames indeed…