Sad Hill Unearthed

Sure would - but no twitter either🤠

Help make it happen for Sad Hill Unearthed - International Blu-ray

I just did, and it will be for the SWDb credit. Let’s all help fund this so many subtitles can be included


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Funding seems secured, but they need a lot more support to get all these subtitles on board. Everyone, please pitch in!

I’m in🤠

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Stretch goal 1 (French subs) almost reached and he added some extra perks. Everybody must join and secure their BluRay!

Next goal almost reached. Help @guillermo reach the next ones, too, and secure your region free BluRay!

Italian and Greek subtitles are secured. we need more supporters for the German subs and the extra bonus freature. It’s not gonna be sold regularly so this is your chance to secure your copy of the BluRay

This is great news!

Easily one of the best Kickstarters I ever funded.

Still get shivers when I see my name painted on a cross in that most sacred of cinematic cemetery’s.

I hope a lot more folks add their support, it’s still a bit away from affording the German subtitles or maybe even an additoonal bonus feature

Just a little over 1000 silver dollars away from the German subs. Who here hasn’t secured their copy of the disc yet?

So far only 100 people have joined this campaign (and pledged a lot of money), but there are so many more good fans out there, so I hope more will join and pre order their disc

2 days left, get your disc pre-ordered!

It’s the last day. Pre-order perks start at 15 bucks, so get yours in :slight_smile:
I am looking forward to having this in my hands!

The BluRay is on its way, get your orders in on Indie Gogo

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Received the perk today!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

Here is a giveaway of the poster:


Yes, mine arrived too.
Sadly, my trip to Spain this month when I planned to visit the actual site and find my grave has had to be cancelled for obvious reasons. Hopefully next year

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also wanted to check the place out… next year then indeed, or maybe in the fall…

Was one or 2 days away from booking a trip to Spain then all hell broke loose