Sad Hill Unearthed

(Sebastian) #1

Time to help these guys out getting it distributed!

(IndioBlack) #2

The paved circle was still visible when we visited in year 2000. Also the tombs were visible as mounds, but covered in grass. Some farmer grazed his cows there, so maybe he filled over the paving in the intervening years.

(Nick) #3

It’s great these guy’s have so much passion for this project, I’m glad they were able to get Clint and Ennio together for an interview! I’ll be sending a few peso’s their way soon!

(Phil H) #4

Yep, I couldn’t resist the chance to get a grave with my name on it there.

(Sebastian) #5

It looks friggin fantastic

(Sebastian) #6

And it is great to have the director among our midst, too. Bienvenidos, @guillermo

(zapruderpics) #7

Hi everybody!
Nice meeting you all. Thanks so much for your support in making the project a reality. If you have any questions about the film I’ll be happy to answer them. :wink:



I pounced on the chance to have a grave with my name on it at the cemetery. Cool perk!

(Phil H) #9

Hi Guillermo.
Many thanks for your work on this. A very worthy project.
Could you tell me, is the site easy enough to visit now? Is it well signposted in the area for example?

(zapruderpics) #10

Thank you Dean and hi Phil,

If you type “Sad Hill Cemetery” on Google Maps it takes you straight to it. The last time I visited the place there were no road signs, but i know they are planning to put some soon. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the place!

(Phil H) #11



So the campaign has succeeded at 110%!

(Toscano) #13

BBC news item re: Sad Hill cemetery.


Is there still a chance of having a grave or have I missed the boat?

(Toscano) #15

If you can do it, then do it - life is too short not to.