Sad Hill Unearthed

Giving away a second of the posters, this time for the Twitter people

I have updated all the info on the BluRay, and I added the first Amazon link (not yet possible to pre-order though). Stay tuned

PS: We might get a few more copies for a giveaway…

The ‘Sad Hill’ location. This was always on my ‘to visit’ list, but circumstances decree that it now may never happen. I visited the locations for the ‘Dollars’ Trilogy in Almeria, several years ago, but have never been to Northern Spain.
Have any SWDB folk been there? If so, what was it like, re-visiting the iconic arena, and re-treading the steps of Eastwood, Van Cleef, Wallach, Leone, and Morricone?

Still waiting for my copy here in Sweden.

you need to check with the campaign to see if your perk has already been dispatched.

SAD HILL UNEARTHED is now on Amazon UK, get it while it lasts

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@guillermo ist still selling plenty of the BluRays on his own online store, for those looking for a copy

Shipping outside spain doesn’t seem possible. Or is there another way?

I’ll ask him if he can offer EU-wide shipping

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