Sad Hill Unearthed

(Sebastian) #21

Yes, the Cortijo del Fraile is next :slight_smile:

(MMcG) #22

Agreed, imagine the tourist potential of fixing up this site, add a few road signs and a bit of marketing.

(Sebastian) #23

Now on Netflix Germany as well, with Spanish, German, French, English and Turkish subtitles. Presumably live in other territories as well, please report back! I read tweets about the UK, France, possibly also Austria, Turkey… most likely rolling out worldwide (except Japan).

(Sebastian) #24

@guillermo I am blown away. It is absolutely fantastic! I had tears in my eyes watching it. Well done, sir!



I signed up for a free month of Netflix just to see this. Loved it!

(Phil H) #26

Just watched this on Netflix with my youngest.
Really well made. tells the story in a compelling way and conveys the passion this group felt for the project. Genuinely brought a tear to my eye at the end. Bravo!
Very glad I contributed to this project when I saw it promoted at the time. Money well spent I think.
Now I just need to organise a trip to the spot to see my grave. :ghost::ghost::ghost:

(Sebastian) #27
  1. It’s a plan!

(autephex) #28

Saw this on my netflix suggestions last night (US), probably will give it a watch this afternoon

(Wilco Vedder) #29

I ended up not ordering a grave. Somehow this intention was lost.
Seeing what they have done with Sad Hill is magnificent. I think this location re-built /restoration is one of a kind. I liked the documentary at certain points loke the way they found it and the background stories of how it originated and was built by the military.