Run, Man, Run / Corri uomo corri (Sergio Sollima, 1968)

And the pre-order wasn’t even possible for me. I guess it was restricted to certain countries only.

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I went through the site’s links. I think quite a few have gone directly from Eureka maybe?

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Big Gundown situation looks a bit better. The downside there is that it’s not listed on other Amazons

Free shipping from Eureka seals the deal

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Still not sure whether to buy this or not. Will it have a more complete English audio track for the uncut version than the Explosive Media blu-ray? If so, I’m in. But what would the source be?

not sure if that’s the case, I understand it won’t have more English audio than the Grindhouse disc, other than it can also be combined with the uncut long version. The main selling point (unless one has no previous edition) is a) watching the uncut version with (partiall) English audio and b) all the (new) extras.


Expecting my copy of ‘Run Man Run’ to be delivered tomorrow, or even today.

Just received this on my Amazon uk order ‘update’…!

Sunday, 22 January

9:46 AM

Customer has requested the shipment to be delivered at a different date. Parcel will now be delivered on the requested date.


9:46 AM

The customer requested the appointment to be rescheduled


3:17 AM

Package arrived at the final delivery station

Bristol, GB

NO!,NO!, NO!! I haven’t requested it to be rescheduled!! What planet are u on??
Who requested it? The tooth-fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Babadook?
What is now the imaginary requested date for delivery, that I didn’t even request??

Where does Amazon uk get its info from? Hans Christian Anderson, perhaps? The Brothers Grimm?

Don’t know when I’ll get ‘RMR’ now…

Thanks a lot, you bunch of reproduction organs!!

Rant over…

(Now… breathe deeply and relax…).

:hot_face: :angry: :angry: :grimacing: :unamused: :innocent:


I never bought the Grindhouse version for that reason. My question is really whether this offers anything more than the Explosive Media version in terms of when watching it uncut with English audio (ignoring extras).

I wouldn’t think so even though from what I gather, the GH master has always been a tad superior to the EM material

My copies arriving Wednesday… hopefully :angel: Shame it’s Big Bro-down got delayed, would like to have watched them back to back. Maybe RMR works better as a prequel anyway!

Pre-ordering with Amazon seems to be the way to go with these releases; you keep the over £20 free postage but then also get the 15%ish discount that both RMR/Gundown ended up getting.

The tracking for my Long Days of Vengeance blu-ray said it was at my local depot, and then three minutes later it was apparently at depot halfway down the country hundreds of miles away. I never knew the Concorde had made a return!
After a few days of promising me it would arrive… they admitted it was lost (no shit) and I got a refund.

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Works out the same either way.

Cheaper even, actually… if only by a little. (on amazon I mean)

I think Amazon seem to be having some difficulty with this release. They still haven’t taken the money from my account for my pre-order, and when I look on the site they’re not actually selling it direct, they’re currently selling it for £25.10 plus £1.26 p&p via Music Magpie and saying delivery usually takes 6-7 days. So something’s not quite right.

It’ll all sort out in the wash, mate.

I’m more pissed off with Indicator/Powerhouse, tbh. I pre-ordered The Big Gundown directly from them and they’ve never once sent me any emails or notices or any info at all regarding the delay to that release. I don’t think it hurts to keep people in the loop, especially when they already took my money long ago. (with apologies for the off-topic grumbling)


I haven’t ordered either yet, but I can certainly empathize with the frustration of waiting and waiting … not quite as bad as the whole ‘Seven for Texas’ business at Dorado … so far!

It doesn’t inspire much confidence when these companies don’t feel obliged to keep their core customers updated with a simple ‘send to all’ email … and then one wonders, what the hell is the hold up all about ??? Fingers crossed that all delays etc will be resolved asap :wink:


Some random thoughts from watching the new release:

  • Still seems a shame there’s no interviews in the extras. :frowning:

  • Think I prefer the colours in the alternate intro to the one they used.

  • Some scenes can be incredibly bright white like when they’re outside in the village early on.

  • I like the little character moment of Cuchillo putting the coin back after winning the bet, makes him quite simpatico early on. Also love the way he quietly mumbles excuses whenever he’s caught or arrested lol.

  • Linda Veras is pretty :heart_eyes: Not too sure about that english dub they gave her though…

  • There really are a lot of characters… and was John Ireland being paid by the minute lol? He shows up once then is done! Also Jose Torres is nearly 100 now and still seems to be appearing in occasional films; that’s pretty amazing.

In the end it was pretty much an enjoyable 2 hour adventure that flew by, makes me curious what they ended up cutting out for the theatrical release. I’m also kind of amazed they still made (or hadn’t lost?) an English dub for the full uncut movie but not for Gundown?

I guess the only downside is Milian’s humming of the theme is now stuck in my head. :notes:

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yeah I wrote about that in my review, the color balance is a bit on the bright side :slight_smile:

I’ve send an email to Eureka. They still can’t send the blu ray because of the cyber attack at Royal Mail. Royal Mail stopped the international shipments. Hopefully it will be solved very soon.

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I am also waiting for it to be shipped, to Sweden.

I received a “despatched” notice on Jan 20 to the US. I’m assuming that means it’s somewhere over the Atlantic right now…

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