Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Redemption 2

(Asa) #102

Yeah, it’s going to be awful if you have to squint at it through the horrible grainy fog of crappy old HD, eh? :smiley:

I think I’ll be picking this up for my son for Christmas. I mean he’s only got a 1080p television and a standard ps4, bless him, but he’ll just have to try and manage. If he needs cheering up I’ll give him an extra thimbleful of gruel and we’ll sing a couple of verses of It’s a Hard-Knock Life.

“It’s a hard-knock life, for us,
It’s a hard-knock life, for us,
Instead of treated,
We get tricked,
Instead of 4K,
It’s a hard-knock life, for us,
It’s a hard-knock life, for us,
No one cares for
You a smidge,
When your TV’s
Less than fifty inch,
It’s a hard-knock life!”

And if you think my boy’s got it bad, think of me: I’ve only got a ps3! I still have to make do with… (sobs)… Red Dead Redemption ONE! Oh my God, the horror of it all! I can barely make out what’s happening on the screen, it’s all so blocky and blurry and fuzzy! #PrayForLC

(RDR2, in 4K as God intended)

(RDR2, in disgusting HD)


(kevenz) #103

I’ll wait for the pc version hopefully in 2019… I already have an 55 inch OLED 4k tv since last year and I just bought a 4k nvidia card last month…… been playing Dragon Quest 11 during the last 2 months and it looks gorgeous.

can’t wait to play RDR2.


I got this on friday. I’ve had my hands glued to my PS4 controller ever since.

(Jonny Powers) #105

Like the others have said, Seb, this game is amazing. I’m only using a standard Xbox One and HD TV (Not sure if 720 or 1080) and it’s been absolutely beautiful. Game is teeming with life and filled with so much content, I’m loving it! I will definitely be buying this again on PC in 2019.

(Dale Cooper) #106

Been playing this non-stop since it came out. Just an amazing achievement - the world of the game feels so alive, and there are systems upon systems to explore. Only in this game can you go hunting, peer through your binoculars at a herd of deer to find the one with the best-quality pelt, smear on lotion to cover your body scent (and if you don’t, stay downwind!), take down your prey, skin it from neck to rump (in real time with a “how the hell did they do that?” detailed animation), toss the skin on your horse, toss the carcass on top of the skin, then take it back to camp for the obnoxious cook to compliment you on your kill and take it off your hands to make stew (which you can later eat). You’ll have blood on you too, and the other characters will talk about it. Your HORSE will have blood on it, but never fear, you can clean it off with a horse brush or by riding through a deep river. And once you’re done spending an hour marveling at all this detail, you can of course go rob a stagecoach, get in a shootout with a rival gang… the whole gamut of western tropes is here, but presented in such stunning detail that much of the time it feels more like a simulation than a video game.

I loved the first game, but this one is absorbing me on a level I didn’t even know was possible from a game. And to think, just because of the fluke chance of this game being made by the same developer as GTA, we get one of the highest-profile and most lavishly expensive game releases in years, and the biggest opening weekend (in terms of sales) for anything ever, all for a WESTERN. In 2018! Who’d have thought?

(The Man With a Name) #107

I need to upgrade just for this game. I only have 360.

(kit saginaw) #108

Had my first encounter with bounty-hunters… ‘coming out of nowhere’, looking for me. I guess if you stay too long in one place (I was fishing for a 3-fish 'catch-achievement) and you have a bounty over 100-dollars on you, six bounty-hunters show-up and surround you. I didn’t stand a chance, so I surrendered and went to jail. You don’t lose your weapons and collectibles though. Just a series of days and about half your money.

And when you’re a bounty-hunter, other ones will try to kill you and hijack your prisoner. This game is fabulous.

(The Man With a Name) #109

So, you’re allowed to surrender on this one? It wasn’t the case with the first. I usually managed to fight them all off though. It was quite fun testing how good I could get at outrunning them and holding them off at various locations to bide some time.

(kit saginaw) #110

Yeah. You can surrender. Then you go to a cut-scene where you’re sitting behind bars.

It’s hard to go without a bounty because your ‘friends’ keep getting you in major trouble. So if you want to go fishing or hunting and you have enough money, you can go to a post-office and pay off your bounties. Even then, you’re liable to get in trouble by helping people with some ‘innocent sounding’ problem.

One weird ‘achievement task’, which you discover on your own, is solving a series of extremely gruesome dismemberment-murders. The game-music and the mood completely changes.

(Stork Vulture) #111

I played through the principle storyline on RDR2 and I have to say that I was disappointed in this game. I just thought RDR1 was much better, from the point of view of a spaghetti enthusiast.

First, I think the music in the game is poor and largely non-existant. There’s only twice in the whole game that there was what sounded to me like spaghetti-inpired cues or music and it was the same bit of music used both times. MAYBE there was one light-hearted piece that would have fit in with a comedy spaghetti like a Providence movie but I don’t like comedy spaghettis that much.

And while the game is stunning to look at, game story wise it doesn’t seem spaghetti influenced at all except a ‘yojimbo’ style plot thread that lasts a few missions. This was more just GTA with a traditional western skin.

Gameplay-wise I found it to be incredibly frustrating, the quick travel of the first game was largely done away with and boy does it draaaaaaag when you have to get from one point to another, especially with such either non-existant or unimpressive music to accompany it. Towards the last third of the game it would take me nearly 10 minutes real time just to get from where one mission ended and another would begin. So many missions take FOREVER because of travel time that could have been cut to save 80% off the clock. So many small things you’re required to do that are just there to pad out the time. So many of the big missions just got so boring, chased on horseback, shoot the guys coming from the right. Then shood the guys coming behind you. Then shoot the guys coming over the hill on the left. Over and over and over again.

It’s been years since I played RDR1 but I don’t remember it being this bland with the gameplay. I could be wrong though, maybe time is too forgiving.

I don’t regret buying it. I think it’s worth checking out. I just would recommend RDR-1 to someone who hasn’t played either despite the softer graphics.

(Sebastian) #112

Some nuggets in there for spaghetti fans it seems


I finished this on Tuesday and I can honestly say I think it’s the best game I’ve ever played. It seems to have divided people to an extent because like a Leone western it’s slow paced and very long for a rockstar title but it’s one hell of a ride. I’m on holiday at the moment but I just want to get back home and do all the side quests. Really can’t wait and I highly recommend this game to everybody.


Yeah there’s a side mission which starts with you meeting a guy on a cliff, and hee says the visible scenery reminds him of Almeria. It’s actually quite strange because that part of the map looks nothing like it, it’s very green and rocky much more like parts of Lazio or somewhere like that.

(egosheep) #115

Great game, but I have stopped playing it after 5 hours or so to compile a new SW soundtrack for it. These visuals are crying out for classic italian tunes.


They compiled some great spaghetti tunes for Red Dead Revolver back in the day.


I actually really like the music, it’s not as good as Morricone but it was never going to be. Some of the songs they play during the credits and what have you are awesome as well.


I deffo prefer RDR 2. 1 is one of my all time favourite games but I felt it had pacing issues, some boring side missions and a plot that meandered at times. 2 has improved all these areas by leaps and bounds.

(egosheep) #119

The soundtrack is fine, but when you have an option, why settle for less? With the amount of long distance riding and the beautiful surroundings, having Morricone, De Masi, Nicolai et al just makes it that much better. I have about 200 instrumentals and 100 vocals, I can’t wait to get back into it. It was a nice excuse to put together a master SW playlist, which I’d wanted to do anyway.

(egosheep) #120

Yeah, that was a good one. I loved that they used the real tunes, I wish they had done the same thing here.


Can’t argue with that :slightly_smiling_face: