Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Redemption 2


As an avid fan of videogames and fanatic about westerns, I was hoping to hear what other fans would want from this upcoming title?, me, I’d want iconic western characters for multiplayer…imagine a Rendering of Van Cleef!!! Also , i feel RDR is one of the best told western stories.

(Farmer_J) #83

I think Landon Ricketts from RDR is basically a copy of Van Cleef. Developers based him around Lee Van Cleef.


Never read that, i can see van cleef in him but i also see Peckinpah and Boetticher Scott character.

(Marco) #85

Great Video Game, Liked it so much I played it in Real Life!


Very nice amigo! Marston has that Kristofferson Billy the Kid swag.

(Asa) #87

Trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2:

(kit saginaw) #88

Rockstar Studios pushed the release back to Spring, 2018. And it’s a prequel. Looks like it has a ‘Wild Bunch’ plotline.

(Nick) #89

Arthur acts like a villian more than a hero, it’s going to be interesting playing as him. Also that world just looks beautiful, I’m probably going to get lost in those mountains lol.


Don’t play a lot of games but I’m looking forward to Red Dead 3. Revolver was obviously heavily spaghetti themed but a lot of people don’t realise that Redemption was as well. Hopefully they don’t do away with this element of the franchise, the more spaghetti it is the better for me.

(JohnnyCashFan66) #91

The gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 has arrived! I was listening to the great compilation soundtrack for Revolver earlier. And I replayed the second installment recently–still a masterpiece of a game and holds up well over time. Landon Ricketts reminds me of Lee Van Cleef in his many mentor rolls.

(kevenz) #92

hopefully this one will come out for the pc… the first one never came out.

(Mickey13) #93

Not very likely, but one can hope at least.

The first is a masterpiece indeed. Would love to play it on PC.

(Jonny Powers) #94

It’s highly likely it will, but, like GTA V, it probably won’t be till after the game releases on console:

(kevenz) #95

pretty sure they lost quite a lot of money by not releasing the first one on pc… honestly I won’t buy a ps4 just for that.

(Mickey13) #96

Yeah, same problem here.

(kit saginaw) #97

Can’t believe I’m still waiting for it.

What they’re doing is patching-in assurances that the open-world doesn’t become a ‘soulless landscape’ after the game-missions are over. You still interact with characters who have something to say, while you keep encountering outlaws/gangs.

(kit saginaw) #98

Absolutely here. Absolutely awesome.

Stunning mountainscapes, opening in a blizzard… as part of an outlaw-clan. I’m only an hour into the game, but already have a sawed-off .12-gauge and a winchester-rifle without having to play for a while to ‘earn’ them.

About ready to rob a snowbound train.

(Sebastian) #99

would be neat, I just shy from investing in a 4K screen and an xbox… not sure if it’s that much of a blast if not enjoyed on state of the art gaming equipment with all that gorgeous HDR 4K graphics etc…

(Søren) #100

Well my son just convinced me that we couldn’t live without this game so just ordered it along with an Xbox One X :slight_smile: Bought as a bundle along with a couple of Forza-games so a pretty good deal :slight_smile: Beats the price of a new gamlng PC.

(Nick) #101

With Rockstar’s current money making schemes with their GTA V multiplayer bs you can be rest assured they won’t miss out releasing this on PC. They haven’t made a game in over four years I think.