Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Redemption 2


The music that plays during the very first shootout is a terrific nod to Harmonica’s theme in Once Upon A Time in the West

(kit saginaw) #123

The fire-dance song sounds original and the drinking-song on the fishing expedition sounds original.


I’ve put a lot more hours into this game since I last posted about it, doing both the side missions in the base game and the online, and my opinion hasn’t changed at all. It definetely has a couple of minor flaws and a couple more nitpicks, and the online sadly has a very similiar economy to GTA:Online (but that was always going to be the case), but I still think it’s the best game I’ve ever played and objectively one of the best games ever made. I still highly recommend it to anyone here who has a PS4 or an XBOX ONE.

Now we just need Rockstar to make a GTA style game set in 70’s Italy, and a game where you play as an amateur sleuth investigating a series of murders also set in 70’s Italy and we’ll be laughing :expressionless:

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I’m guessing I’m 95% finished with the ‘main story’, if that’s what it still is. Arthur’s adventures are long done. The ‘old’ RDR1-map hasn’t even been explored yet. It’s just opening-up. Went there once for a bounty, involving a running canyon-shootout.

Looks like most of the bones from the dinosaur-mission are located there. The serial-killer mission is the only side-mission I’ve completed. There’s rock-carvings, Indian-paintings, tree-carvings, dreamcatcher-locations… not to mention the legendary-beast hunts. I screwed-up shooting a legendary moose when it fled into a river. The water was too deep to ‘bring’ it ashore, so I don’t know if the mission re-spawns or not.

As for fast travel, you get the map when John buys the Beecher’s Hope property.

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I agree with some of the above statements. This is, overall, the best game I’ve ever played. Before this, it was the original Red Dead Redemption. I think it has a run for best video game of all time. And I think it very, very easily has the best soundtrack of any video game. In fact, it might be my favorite western soundtrack (as a whole) of all time. And that is saying something.

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until RDR2 comes to PC next year I’m playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey… it’s the first AC games I played and so far it’s pretty good… it’s like GTA mixed with Peplum :slight_smile: I’ve only explored like 5% of the map afer 8 hours of play…. this game is huge.


yeah it does :slight_smile:

I’m glad I’m not the only person with such an opinion because I’ve seen a hell of a lot of people really bash this game. I think a lot of them were expecting GTA with horses but this to me is far more than just that.

It’s definetely worth the wait.

(kit saginaw) #129

Yep. It’s a rousing success. You have enough money at the end to do everything you want. There’s only one train left. Sometimes it’s in-service and other times it’s just sitting in the middle of nowhere. I’m gonna try and steal it before I put the game away. In GTA5 you could ride the train around the entire map.