Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Redemption 2

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #62

I really need to update myself. I own Red Dead Revolver and Gun on XBOX. Haven’t emerged from the stone age yet.

(tomas) #63

haven’t played this one, but now i play Call of Juarez Bound in Blood and it starts on the Civil War battlefield - wow, i always wanted to play Civil War FPS game and this one is made up to perfect

(Yodlaf Peterson) #64

If Juarez was third person game I’d get it but unfortunately I can’t play first person games as they make me feel sick.

(Sam) #65

I wouldn’t feel too bad, as those are both fun games, regardless of the platform. Red Dead Revolver can become sadistically difficult at times and Gun didn’t live up to its full potential, but I had a good time playing them.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #66

My favorite western game was Lethal Enforcers 2 in the arcade. Is there anything similar nowadays where you can aim the gun at the screen? I think Wii might have something I don’t know.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #67

I don’t know about western shooters, but there’s The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return which was an arcade shooter before it was ported on the Wii. Highly addictive and completely hilarious! I miss actually having an arcade to go to, though (but I guess my wallet does not).

(Bill san Antonio) #68

I liked the old Desperados game for PC. It was more tactical than the first-person-shooter games of today.

(Sam) #69

As long as we’re engaging the Wayback Machine, I have fond memories of an old SSI game called Six-Gun Shootout, which I played on the Apple II. Lots of historical and movie-based scenarios. Much fun.

(tomas) #70

old western games? fine by me
someone remember Outlaws from 1996 (i think) from LucasArts? - well, it is the best western game imo, from time to time i put it in DOSBOX and play like in old days - "Sheriff, where aaaare ya?"
Desperados mentioned by Bill are also good, i have to check out the sequel

(Sam) #71

It’s probably my fault for derailing this thread, as I didn’t say anything about Red Dead Redemption. Allow me to share a little story, as the original poster asked us to do.

Anyway, I was riding along minding my own business when I encountered a lawman by the side of the road. His fellow lawmen had been shot and the horses that pulled his wagon, too. A couple of criminals were making a break for it. Doubtless everyone who’s played the game has encountered this situation more than once.

Rather than kill the two escaped outlaws, I took the time to lasso and hogtie them, then return them to the lawman alive. At which point he thanked me… and then put a bullet in each of the men’s heads. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty shocked.

(Lee Van Cleef) #72

That’s one of the reason why I love RDR, you never really know what’s going to happen. It’s both a shocking and mythological game, that should be played and known by everyone on this forum.

(SunsetUnlimited) #73

This is such a great game on so many levels. The soundtrack is incredible too–I own it on vinyl!

It’s been a while since I last played it so I don’t have any interesting stories, but I loved watching the really awkward glitches on youtube (donkey lady, bird people, etc).

(Commissioner) #74

[quote=“tomas, post:13, topic:2979”]old western games? fine by me
someone remember Outlaws from 1996 (i think) from LucasArts? - well, it is the best western game imo, from time to time i put it in DOSBOX and play like in old days - "Sheriff, where aaaare ya?"
Desperados mentioned by Bill are also good, i have to check out the sequel[/quote]

"Don’t be a fool Marshall"
Outlaws is one of my favourites. The gameplay was fairly simple, and felt dated even at the time, but there was lots of fun to be had, and the soundtrack and story were great.

I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption a lot, but it wasn’t perfect by any means. I thought the biggest thing was that you had a lot of freedom in the open-world bits (how you behaved affected how people treated you, etc.), but none of that really counted for anything in the main story, which was absolutely set.

The absolute worst western game I ever played (probably the worst game I ever played) was Wanted Guns ( ). I think they’d decided it was too easy, and made it harder by turning the sensitivity of the mouse right down, so it took about 30 seconds to aim at anything on the other side of the screen.

(Lee Van Cleef) #75

On vinyl! that sounds awesome! ;D The soundtrack is sublime, it both borrows a little from SW music and keeps itself original.

(Commissioner) #76

Generally the soundtrack was pretty good. The one issue I had with it was the second song that gets played, towards the end of the game. It has a line about being “off the radar”, which really bugged me at the time, because it just doesn’t fit the time period. It’s a minor complaint, but I remember thinking that it was a bit sloppy when I heard it.

(kit saginaw) #77

You’re right. I just shot my way into Mexico. I’m not sure how far-along the story is at that point, but it’s been thoroughly enjoyable so far. The overlaps of certain side-missions with the wild-dog attacks are a mild annoyance in-the-moment, because I’m never prepared for the chaos. In fact, I think I’ll go resume playing it right now. Thanks, LVC.

(Sam) #78

Just as a warning: the Mexico section is probably the slowest and most trying in the game, but if you can push through it’s absolutely worth it when you get into the final third.

(kit saginaw) #79

It was tough. I finished the all the main game-missions yesterday. Spectacular. In Mexico, I still have to find a white stallion and some beaver-skins, playing as Marsden’s kid.

The funniest glitch was after stealing a munitions-train, then getting-off and mounting my horse, the train was gone but all of its cargo-boxes and guns were suspended in mid-air. A little later, on a dusty back-trail, a suitcase-in-mid-air knocked me off my horse.

I started Red Dead Undead Nightmare… has its own unique charm so far.

(Jonny Powers) #80

I got Undead Nightmare first (Christmas gift), played for about fifteen minutes and immediately went out and bought RDR. Got around to Undead Nightmare about 6 months later ::slight_smile:

(kit saginaw) #81

It’s not bad, but I wish it didn’t use RDR’s map. It basically needs a whole new landscape.