Red Dead Redemption/Red Dead Redemption 2

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Pretty funny ;D .

(klinteastwood) #42

gets on the Donkey Lady Hi ho silver!!!

(Pacificador) #43

OK so I broke down and bought the PS3 last week and I am loving this game (as I knew I would).

See you in about 3 weeks when I surface again!!

(klinteastwood) #44

yea, i bought the game earlier this week…its awesome as expected

Hey Pac…don’t know if u like war games but you should give the Call of Duty series a shot…fun as hell

(El Topo) #45

Never liked video games that much had the luck to had a spectrum and even better a commodore computer as a kid, but thats about it, my PSII it’s in the attic, to much time playing football, and there was no internet back then.
I liked to play in the arcade machines that was cool, to be a kid playing, in middle of the the older ones after a while spend most of the time playing snooker, now I guess thare’s a computer game for that either.
I still play those Atari and namco games space invaders, Pacman etc.

Still think today’s youth spends too much time behind a computer or a PS instead of playing with the other kids on the street.

(ENNIOO) #46

Never liked computers when I was younger, but could not live without one these days.

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[quote=“klinteastwood, post:32, topic:2366”]yea, i bought the game earlier this week…its awesome as expected

Hey Pac…don’t know if u like war games but you should give the Call of Duty series a shot…fun as hell[/quote]

My coworkers are really into COD, I’ve seen it and it looks great for sure!

(Dr. Menard) #49

This game is simply a spaghetti western fans dream come true. I´ve been playing it for the last 4 week on a daily basis. It took me a good 2 weeks to get through the single player. The strong storylines keeps you going and has one of the most awesome climaxes i´ve seen in a computer game. I would imagine that everybody on this board would enjoy this game immensely. You can almost taste the dust in your mouth while you race across the prairie to your next mission. This game breathes, bleeds and shits spaghetti western atmosphere.

I just downloaded the co-op mission pack (which is free) last tuesday which is great fun since you can gun through these missions with three friends. Nothin´ beats riding with your posse over the great mexican plains while gunning down all sorts of low lifes with your revolver or repeater rifle. ;D This game will definitly spinning in my xbox for quite some time.

(Ivn1945) #50

^I didn’t really like the story apart from the last part, I already had the ending spoiled to me but I was still surprised and stunned by it.

I’m looking forward to L.A. Noire. :wink: Rockstar’s take on film noirs.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #51

[quote=“The Gringo, post:4, topic:2096”]surprised and stunned by it.[/quote]I wasn’t told and reset my machine thinking I’d fucked it up ;D

(Pacificador) #52

That’s 2 of us, amigo! Can’t wait for that one.

(Ming) #53

Does anyone here play RDR online? It would be pretty cool to have the SWDB posse!

(Ming) #54

Apologies if this got mentioned sometime ago - I’ve been out-of-the-loop for some time… so-to-speak! ;-p

(Pacificador) #55

I have been quite a bit but haven’t been on since the Playstation network was compromised…just haven’t played a lot of video games since.

That would be cool to form the posse!!

(I love you M.E. Kay) #56

I used to play online with my brother’s account, it was on Xbox 360, though.

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Share your adventures from the game Red Dead Redemption (Online Multiplayer or the the Adventure part, just tell some memorable stories).
Funny moments, epic kills, your posse, random things, glitches etc…

Write your PSN username, if you want.
My username is; agknordic

See yah!

(kit saginaw) #59

I haven’t played it yet. I’m still in the Call Of Juarez mindset.

(Lee Van Cleef) #60

Call Of Juarez is a good game, but RDR is just superior in any aspect.
Truly the greatest western game in existence! try it :smiley:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #61

I finished both games, enjoyed them immensely. No tales to tell though.