R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered


So sad. R.I.P. Brad!

(Phil H) #1504

And now it seems we have lost Ray Lovelock too.

Gutted to hear this. :cry:

(Søren) #1505

Yep and only 67 years old. Cancer it seems. Now that’s bloody sad…

(Nick) #1506

Oh no… that’s horrible news… :disappointed:

67 is relatively young these days, and it’s sad that he never got to enjoy his golden years.

(ENNIOO) #1507

Yes R.I.P . He did enjoy a cig or two.

(El Topo) #1508

Luis Bacalov

Just notice the master composer Luis Bacalov died, sad news from one the big names of our beloved genre


(Asa) #1509

Lovelock and Bacalov gone in quick succession. Terrible news.


(Phil H) #1510

Yeah that’s rotten.
These losses seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment.


cant believe it


To Malcom Young, I can only say thank you!


For Malcom

(Sebastian) #1514

RIP Johnny Hallyday


(Phil H) #1515

Much more of a star in the French speaking world obviously but sad to read this earlier.

(Nick) #1516

It seems France remembered Johnny Hallyday today with an entourage of bikers and a sign on the Eiffle Tower. A fitting sendoff to France’s Elvis

(Sebastian) #1517

Pedro Osinaga

and yesterday it became known: Thomas Hunter

(Sebastian) #1518

Here’s the lowdown…

(Nick) #1519

Too many names… :disappointed:

(Asa) #1520

John Mahoney, star of many films over a distinguished career but probably best known for his role on Frasier as Frasier Crane’s father, retired Seattle cop Martin “Marty” Crane, passed away on Sunday. He was 77.

Terribly sad, this. Frasier is a huge favourite of mine. I can’t sleep without a DVD of some sort playing in the background and Frasier is to this day a nightly favourite among a handful of other shows. We probably watch the series in its eleven-season entirety at least twice a year. We know every word and, once you know a piece like that, the characters start to just feel like old friends in the room. If I’d had a dad worthy of the title, I would’ve been happy if he’d been anything like Marty Crane. Besides all that, John Mahoney was a canny character actor who brought something to every role, even if it was a cameo.


(The Man With a Name) #1521

Wonderful actor! I just watched him in In the Line of Fire. I’m a big fan of Frasier, too.

(Asa) #1522

“Private Pyle, I’m gonna give you three seconds, exactly three f#cking seconds to wipe that stupid looking grin off your face or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-f#ck you! ONE! TWO! THREE!”

R. Lee Ermey has died from complications following a bout of pneumonia. He was 74.