R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered

(Nick) #1483

Profoundly sad news… I watched a lot of his films when I was younger…

(Toscano) #1484

RICHARD BRADFORD, aged 81, died March 22, 2016.

A belated goodbye to this gentleman, who played ‘McGill’, in the ITC series, ‘Man in a Suitcase’, which is one of the best ITC T.V. programmes, ever produced.
In the role of McGill, his method-school acting came to the fore…
He was super-cool…slow to anger, but always quick to react.

The series also had a cracking theme by the renowned Ron Grainer (Dr. Who).

He also had a memorable role in ‘The Untouchables’ film (1987), alongside Sean Connery, and Kevin Costner.

R.I.P. Richard Bradford.

(Asa) #1485

Tobe Hooper, director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), Salem’s Lot (1979) and Poltergeist (1982) has died. He was 74.


(titoli) #1486

In short period we’ve lost two of horrors greatest icons, trendsetting originals, Romero and Hooper…

(Asa) #1487

Frank Vincent, famous for his roles as Billy Batts in Goodfellas and Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos among many others, has died from complications following recent heart surgery. He was 78.

“No more, Butchie. No more of this.”


(El Topo) #1488

Harry Dean Staton
He never was young, but was great, Paris Yexas and Repo Man are two of my top films

(Asa) #1489

A grand old age, 91, but it’s a terribly sad day nonetheless. Alien and Repo Man are both among my four or five favourite movies of all time, and Paris, Texas and Wild at Heart are right up there for me, too. He has always been an actor I could watch for hours.

“A Repo Man spends his life getting into tense situations.”


(ENNIOO) #1490

Top actor, starred in so many good films. Straight Time is one of my favourites.

(titoli) #1491

I watched doc on Stanton recently: HDS: Partly fiction. His friend Sam Shephard appears in it (along with Lynch, Wenders and others). Those two were cut from the same mold, it seems like America is losing her soul these days. Check one of the best moments in the doc, when Harry sings a tune with Kris Kristofferson to see exactly what I mean.

(Sebastian) #1492

Not spaghetti related but…

(El Topo) #1493

Just noitce Tom Petty has passed away


Free fallin

(Bill san Antonio) #1494

Legandary italian genre director Umberto Lenzi has passed away at the age of 86.

(Asa) #1495


(ENNIOO) #1496

R.I.P…the creater of the fast zombie.


R.I.P. Umberto!

If I have time tonight, I think I’ll watch " Temple of a Thousand Lights (1965) ".

It’s one of my favorites growing up as a kid.

(Phil H) #1498

Yes, was very sad to hear this.
Made better crime films than westerns but will always think of his work fondly.

(Asa) #1499

I’m unsure how many of you will find this of great importance but it’s certainly of great importance to me: Martin Eric Ain, bassist and founder member of Swiss metal legends Celtic Frost, has died from an apparent heart attack, aged just 50. No age at all. Celtic Frost were, in my humble opinion, one of the finest bands ever to have existed, and their 1987 masterpiece Into the Pandemonium has been my favourite album since I first bought it, brought it home and put it on my turntable thirty years ago.


(Grinder) #1500

It seems that Brad Harris passed away yesterday at age84 :frowning2:

He participated in some spaghettis and also some early Eurowesterns.

(Phil H) #1501

Yes, I saw that too.
Very sad. I particularly liked Harris in the Kommissar X films.

(Søren) #1502

Agreed. The Kommissar X films are great fun. R.I.P.