R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered

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Terrible news, this. One of the very best, one of the most charismatic, one of my all-time favourites.


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Sad news

I never though the was 84, so used to see him as young man on screen. One of the greats in ou genre.


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Terrible… man that really sucks. Any time I saw Tomas in interviews he was so full of life and energy.

Claudio Fuiano mentioned on facebook that he called Stelvio Cipriani regarding Tomas’ passing. Here’s what Mr. Fuiano wrote:

Few seconds ago I have phoned Stelvio Cipriani for informing him of Tomas Milian’s death. He was very very very sad of this tragic unexpected news and he kindly asked for me to write this here to inform all his fans and friends on FB: “Thank you Tomas! My film music career really started when you invited me to follow you in Spain for meeting the producers of the western movie “The bounty killer”, my first film score in 1966. I’ll never forget what did you do for me! Ciao e grazie amico Tomas!” Stelvio

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That’s surprising there is nothing. Then again, his autobiography that came out a couple of years ago wasn’t translated into English. His profile in the US was definitely more low-key.


His near death experience on Django Kill is still one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard.

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R.I.P. Tomas Milian. Very sad to hear he has passed away.

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Horrible news. He was genuinely one of the greats for me.
R.I.P Tomas

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I honoured the man with an obituary including a short (movie) biography :

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What is this story? I’ve never heard of this before. Is it a part of the Blue Underground interview?


[quote=“VanEyck, post:1410, topic:1512”]
Is it a part of the Blue Underground interview?[/quote]

Yeah It’s one of three Easter eggs on the Blue Underground DVD. They kept them off the blu-ray for some reason.

Basically he admitted he caused a lot of animosity on set, so one day his face was very nearly obliterated by a light during the love scene. And he was certain it was a technician trying to murder him, and subsequently never did check the credits incase he recognised any names.

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For me Milian is the great talent of the entire genre. A great talent in many other genres too.

It’s a pity he never really got the recognition in the English-speaking world. Even with his strong accent he always seemed very natural speaking English and really should have had a major career.

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Greetings all. I’ve been away from the site for quite a while, but I heard of the sad new of Tomas’ Passing. Thankyou for the passionate performances from your films Mr Milian. I can’t choose a favorite film because I have so many. It was quite upsetting to hear this news, but 84 is a hell of a great age. RIP

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Just heard from Simon

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Thanks Giorgio, R:I:P:

And R.I.P. Tomas

Italian Database Tribute

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I’m glad I have the German release of Ruthless Four. A very great slow burner western, and another legend has left us. RIP Giorgio.

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Just in the past few days…

Carla Leone
Giorgio Capitani
and now…the great Tomas Milian…

Unfortunately, we are now at that stage, in life, where we shouldn’t really be surprised, when ‘Spag’ stars of yester-year begin to fade, and die.

However, still a massive blow to the heart, every time that we hear of a ‘star’, from our favourite genre, falling to earth…

A BIG thank you to all three, and especially to Tomas Milian; who - in my humble opinion - featured very prominently on my ‘Greatest Actors ever’ list.
Self-opinionated, perhaps, but as an actor…the very best!

Carla, Giorgio, and Tomas…

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[quote=“Farmer_J, post:1417, topic:1512”]
I’m glad I have the German release of The Ruthless Four[/quote]

The Koch DVD? I’m watching that right now, great stuff.

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Just heard from Tom Betts…

Alessandro Alessandroni has just died, aged 92.

Will post more later…