R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered

(Toscano) #1382


Character actor, Tony Haygarth, has died from Alzheimer’s, at the age of 72.

A regular and familiar face on British TV, he was, perhaps, best known for portraying P.C. Wilmot, in BBC.1’s comedy series, ‘Rosie’, (1977-81).

Regularly appearing both on stage, and screen, in period productions, sitcoms, and police dramas, he was never short of work, appearing in many TV series, including: ‘Special Branch’, ‘The Protectors’, ‘I, Claudius’, ‘Holocaust’, ‘Z Cars’, ‘Dick Turpin’, ‘Kinvig’ (Penned by ‘Quatermass’ creator, Nigel Kneale), ‘The Borrowers’, and ‘Emmerdale Farm’.

He also appeared in the films, ‘Clockwise’ (with John Cleese), ‘A Private function’, and ‘Dracula’ (1979).
In recent years, he also voiced the character of Mr. Tweedy, in ‘Chicken Run’.

R.I.P. Tony Haygarth.

(Toscano) #1383


Rock 'n Roll legend, Chuck Berry, has died, at the grand old age of 90.

With a career lasting over seven decades, Chuck, an instantly recognisable guitarist, and song-writer, produced such gems as ‘Roll Over, Beethoven’, ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’, ‘Johnny B Goode’, and - of course - the once heard, never to be forgotten, ‘My Ding A Ling’.

R.I.P. Chuck Berry.

Keep on rocking…

(Asa) #1384

Indeed. The word “Legend” is bandied around all the time but there’s no hyperbole whatsoever in applying it here. Chuck Berry was unquestionably one of the most important musicians of the last 100 years. I am a fan of punk, of rock, of rock ‘n’ roll, of metal, rockabilly and surf revival and Chuck’s influence can be heard in almost every chord of all of it.

Thank-you for everything.


(Toscano) #1385

Asa, you put it better than I did…I’ve just been revisiting Chuck on ‘Youtube’, and found my feet doing all the moves…

…Sheer magic!

Funnily enough, while recently re-watching my entire TV series of ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ (Alf Garnett), Alf takes offence at Chuck’s ‘My Ding a Ling’ being played on the radio.

When ‘My Ding-aLing’ came out, in the 1970’s, I vaguely remember that my whole family absolutely loved it…after all, it was the time of the ‘Carry On’s’, etc.

Goodness, how times have changed…

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‘Inspector Morse’ creator, Colin Dexter, has just died, peacefully, at the majestic age of 86.

Penned between 1975, and 1999, his series of ‘Morse’ novels, were lovingly brought to the screen with the ever-popular, long-running ITV series, starring the incomparable actor, John Thaw.

R.I.P. Colin Dexter.

(Søren) #1387

Read all of his Morse novels but one last year. A very fine writer. Not a bad book among them. RIP.

(Phil H) #1388

I,ve been working my way through them too over the past couple of years and agree, they are well written and entertaining detective fiction. I have two more left to read I think.

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I’ve only just heard, from Fabrizio Gianni (Assistant Director, on ‘GBU’).

Carla, Sergio Leone’s wife, died yesterday.

When there is more news, I will put it on the site. Devastated…

(Toscano) #1390


Carla Leone was born as Carla Ranalli.

Apart from that, I could, unfortunately, not find out a great deal of back-ground on this lovely lady. Perhaps, other ‘SWDB’ members may have some info…

R.I.P. Carla Leone.

(Toscano) #1391

As a tribute to both Sergio and Carla…an image from the Autry Exhibition…

(ENNIOO) #1392

R.I.P Chuck. Like a spot of Chuck from time to time.

(Sebastian) #1393

What a sad day

(Søren) #1394

He was definitely one of the very best. One of the finest in Italian genre cinema.


Anyone know what happened? I can’t translate the article.

(Søren) #1396

Apparently he had a stroke.

(Sebastian) #1397

L’attore è morto ieri a Miami per un ictus, aveva 84 anni. = The actor died yesterday in Miami of a stroke, was 84 years old.

(Bill san Antonio) #1398

NOOO! :frowning:

(ENNIOO) #1399

Very sad news…R.I.P

(Tom B.) #1400

Amazing! I checked the Miami papers and not a word. Most of the news is coming out of Italy where he was huge. Another of the greats of the genre has left us.

(Tom B.) #1401

I’ve never seen a birth date but she had to be in her late 70s. I’ve read she was a ballerina and met and married Sergio after working as a choreographer on The Colossus of Rhodes. I e-mailed Sir Christopher Frayling who replied he had not heard that she died but that she was suffering from dementia. I did find a listing of her passing in necrology in a Rome paper last evening.