R.I.P. Legends Lost but Remembered

(Toscano) #1362

R.I.P. Gordon Kaye.

Best known for playing cafe proprietor, ‘Renee Artois’, in the BBC1. comedy series, 'Allo, ‘Allo’, Gordon Kaye has died, aged 75.

Cheers for the laughs, Mr. Kaye…

(Toscano) #1363


Blimmin’ 'eck…where does the time go.

This lovely lady was probably best known for appearing in the TV shows, ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’; and ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’, broadcast in the 1970s.

R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore.

(El Topo) #1364

Wake up and the first on the news was that great actor Sir John Hurt passed away

Always sad when a familiar face on screen and a great actor dies, but Hurt was also an iconic actor.

I could mention several of his works, but for some reason there are two that I have a special feeling for

78 The Shout and Frears 84 noir classic The Hit

Also his Caligula was impressive

But so many…


(Asa) #1365

Indeed. Awful news.


(Michael Baker) #1366

That’s a real shame. He was brilliant in The Elephant Man. I liked his character in Midnight Express too.

(Phil H) #1367

Very sad.
He did so much work which I love.
Hard to pick a favourite but Naked Civil Servant would be up there. The Hit was very good and his supporting role of the unjustly hanged Evans in 10 Rillington place sticks in the mind too.

(Toscano) #1368


A belated goodbye to one of cinema’s most memorable actors.

Magificent in ‘Alien’, ‘10, Rillington Street’, ‘The Field’, ‘A Man For All Seasons’…and…of course… as John (Joseph Merrick), in the classic ‘Elephant Man’…

Nothing but the best wishes for you, sir, for all the memories that you gave us…

R.I.P. the legendary John Hurt.

(ENNIOO) #1369

Interesting actor Hurt was…R.I.P

(Toscano) #1370


Richard Hatch, who played ‘Captain Apollo’, in the original 1970’s TV series, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, has died, from pancreatic cancer, aged 71.

The original series of ‘B.G.’ was always one of my favourites. Joined by Dirk Benedict (‘A-Team’); and Lorne Greene (‘Bonanza’), it was a joy, each week, to see Richard Hatch and company, touring the Galaxy, in their never-ending search for the ‘legendary planet Earth’.

R.I.P. Richard Hatch.

(Asa) #1371

Yes, very sad. He also had a prominent role in the updated series of Battlestar Galactica, as Tom Zarek.


(Toscano) #1372


Alan Simpson of comedy writing duo Galton and Simpson, has died aged 87.

Blimmin 'eck…along with the great Ray Galton, this wonderful gentleman contributed SO much to British Comedy (Hancock, Steptoe & Son).

R.I.P. Mr. Simpson…thank you for all the laughs…

(Toscano) #1373

Alec McCowen: Born: May 26, 1925 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.
Died: February 6, 2017 (age 91) in London.

A great actor, who starred in many memorable British films, including ‘The Cruel Sea’ (1953); ‘A Night To Remember’ (1958); ‘The Witches’ (Hammer, 1966); ‘Frenzy’ (Hitchcock, 1972); and, in the Sean Connery James Bond return… ‘Never Say Never Again’, as ‘Q’, 1983).

A couple of years ago I bought, from ‘Network’, the engaging ‘Mr. Palfrey of Westminster’ T.V. series. It starred this wonderful gentleman, and I thoroughly enjoyed every episode.

R.I.P. Alec McCowen.

(Asa) #1374

Former WWE star George “The Animal” Steele has passed away. Non-wrestling fans may recall this striking-looking man’s turn as B-movie actor Tor Johnson (who was also a wrestler) in Tim Burton’s biopic Ed Wood (1994). He was 79.



Director Pasquale Squitieri – Django sfida Sartana (1970), La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo (1971) – died today, Saturday, February 18, in Rome. He was seventy-eight years old.

(Phil H) #1376

Sad to hear.
I quite liked Vengeance Trail but I think Squitieri’s best work as a director came later with his mafia films starring Giuliano Gemma and Claudia Cardinale.

(Toscano) #1377

BILL PAXTON (aged 61)

The ‘Aliens’ actor, Bill Paxton, has just died at the early age of 61.

Among the many films he appeared in were ‘Tombstone’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Apollo 13’, and the excellent ‘Hatfields & McCoys’.

R.I.P. Bill Paxton.

(Søren) #1378

Not to mention directing and acting in Frailty from 2001. An excellent movie.

(Asa) #1379

Terrible news. 61 is no age.

Loved him ever since Weird Science (his performance in The Terminator didn’t register with me until after his iconic turn in Aliens in 1986). A Simple Plan - in which he starred alongside Billy Bob Thornton - is a magnificent picture; Frailty - in which he starred and also directed - is one of my favourite movies of all time. I’m watching my favourite performance of his now, as the vampire Severen in Near Dark (Bigelow, 1987).

“You know what I said to your mama? I said: Shhhhhhh…”

A very sad day, this.


(El Topo) #1380

I Will be watching Frailty soon in his memory, one of those actors that playing main or secundary roles always upgrade thngs. And contrary to many this waas totally unexpected at leas to me.


(Toscano) #1381


The actor, John Forgeham, has died at the age of 75, after suffering from internal bleeding, following a fracture.

Personally, I always remember him as ‘Frank’, one of Michael Caine’s intrepid gold-heist gang, in ‘The Italian Job’ (1969) - one of my all-time favourite films.

He also had early roles in TV series such as ‘The Sweeney’, ‘The Professionals’, and ‘The Avengers’. In recent years, he portrayed the character of Frank Laslett, in ‘Footballers Wives’.

R.I.P. John Forgeham…

“Hang on a minute, lads, I’ve got a great idea…”