One Silver Dollar / Un dollaro bucato (Giorgio Ferroni, 1965)

I don’t think it’s a bad movie, but I prefer One Silver Dollar. None of them is Top 20-30 material, true.

Actually hardly Top 100 for me.

But they are fun to watch though.

In terms of personal enjoyment: One Silver Dollar > Wanted > Fort Yuma Gold.

For me it’s: One Silver Dollar>Fort Yuma Gold (both in my top 50) >Wanted (which I didn’t really care for).

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Rewatched this for the 1st time in about 15 years. It wasn’t as good as I remembered. It has a few things going for it though - it keeps moving, all of the individual scenes are fairly well directed and Gemma is very believable in action scenes. Much more than most actors.

Was this filmed entirely in Italy? It’s very green!

Yes, in the Manziana area.

Re-watched this one as well via the Wild East print (which was a great improvement over my Timeless box set edition) and it’s still one of my favourites. I love the atmosphere of the early “Hollywood” spags though I’ve never enjoyed most of them, usually because they have a pretty flat lead actor and/or character but this one benefits from Gemma as well as good rural Italian locations and nice music. Easily my favourite “Hollywood” along with Fort Yuma Gold.

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Guys, a question.

Do the vocals in the “Give Me Back” song belong to Lydia MacDonald?

I couldn’t find information regarding the subject anywhere, but seemed to have recognized the voice to be hers as it does seem similar to that of Lydia’s from “Before It’s Too Late”, the title song to the EuroSpy film, Agent 077: From Orient With Fury (1965).

Can anyone confirm this?


Those scars on Gary’s cheeks are all too evident, so let us hope that the uncensored version (including the beating of the character played by Andrea Scotti as partially shown in the movie trailer, Gary’s cheeks scarred with a spur, eye-gouging and head slammed against the wall repeatedly) can resurface very soon.

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Showing on Sony Movies Action channel right now.

Another review on my blog.

I like these more traditional style Gemma films and this is a good example of them I think.
Still amazes me just how big it was at the Italian box office though. Bigger than both Ringo films and second only to FaFDM that year.


That is amazing! … I like Gemma very much, but had to force myself to complete this one (during Spagvember)
I was also surprised that it had a UK release, as I found a British quad poster for sale online about a year ago.

PS: Still on sale at ebay


I like the colours on this, very eye catching!

I am positive I have seen this film from the synopsis but I can’t remember any visuals from it.

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It’s a good one! Great score by Ferrio


It can be yours for the trifling sum of £49.99 :wink:

Er, I’ll pass. I want the complete Sartana set more. :cowboy_hat_face:


Definitely worth getting!

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I just watched this one again.
If someone could update the main page: Un dollaro bucato

At least some of the “filming locations” were set at:

Elios Film Studios
Mazzano Romano
Colmenar Viejo


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