One Silver Dollar / Un dollaro bucato (Giorgio Ferroni, 1965)

(JonathanCorbett) #41

In the trailer we can see a few seconds of the censored part.


(ENNIOO) #42

Just re viewed this one via a fandub of a blu ray disc. Nice print. Not viewed a western with Gemma for a while, and it was a nice ride back. Yes its more American for sure. Thats fine with me, as thats one of the reasons why I like alot of these early ones. But take the english dub and music for example, its not quite American :smiley: . One of the early films of the star that just cements his appeal for me.

(Rutledal) #43

Is the blu-ray release of this cancelled or what?

(LankyFellow) #44

Its temporary delayed to October or November …

(Rutledal) #45

Good news, it sounds like it could be a really great release.

(LankyFellow) #46

Hope so :wink:

(david collins) #47

I just got around to watching the old Inter Ocean tape of this last night. I liked the film but it was a bit of a melodramatic american style mixed with italian brutal violence so a bit of a hybrid. Gemma is always worth a watch due to his entusiastic action scenes. Above average id say.

(ENNIOO) #48

One tape I need if anyone has a spare.

(JonathanCorbett) #49

I cannot explain that weird ‘mit Evelyn Stewart’ thing that accompanies fully Italian credits. I’ve seen it many times, maybe a slightly modified master of German origin circulating almost everywhere?

(The Man With a Name) #50

It’s a pity the German DVD with the two bonus films (Adios Gringo and Wanted) isn’t available on amazon or ebay. I have this film on the Timeless Media set, which I really like, but I still need Adios Gringo and a new copy of Wanted since the Wild East print is terrible. If anyone knows where to get this set, please let me know!

(Stanton) #51

It wasn’t released yet, and will probably never see the light of the day.


that is damn shame, Quality in korean dvd is not that good for such a fantastic movie. I registered here to ask about german release but got answer already from there posts. And it was not one I hoped for…

(scherpschutter) #53

‘Mit’ is in a black bar, so it’s probably superposed and could not be removed later (or somebody just forgot). The original probably had ‘con’ in white letters on a red fond.

(JonathanCorbett) #54

Is the WE DVD fully uncut?

(Gritz) #55

It is the same as the German release by NEW and that claimed to be Uncut so I am going to have to say yes and it looks just as good as the NEW DVD as does Adios Gringo, I was pleasantly surprised by this release. One of the best by Wild East.


Is it worth getting the new WE DVD? I like this movie because I love the feel of the early ‘Hollywood’ spaghetti westerns, and i think this is hands-down the best. It also has similarities to a story my Grandmother used to tell me about her grandfather when I was a kid (don’t know how true it is though) so it also has some kind of personal emotion for me. I have it as part of a compilation but the quality is merely okay (I think it’s letterboxed as well if I remember right) and I’d love to upgrade this one.


Enjoyed this one a lot more on my second viewing. Certainly Americanised but gladly more violent than I remembered. I like it better than Fort Yuma Gold, and I’m gonna rewatch Wanted.

(scherpschutter) #58

Re-re-rewatched WANTED last night. This one remains my favorite of the Ferroni-Gemma-trilogy, Yes better than the pleasant but slightly overrewarded Fort Yuma Gold


Fort Yuma Gold also seems to be the most spaghetti-ish out of the three, but I still don’t rank it very high in my Gemma list.

(Stanton) #60

For me Fort Yuma Gold is the best of the 3. Or 4 if I include Adios Gringo. But none of them is anything special, and Fort Yuma Gold is an entertaining 5/10