Once Upon a Time in the West / C’era una volta il West (Sergio Leone, 1968)

" Once upon a time in the west " probably one of my favorite sergio leone movies. Happens to be the only movie that Henry Fonda played a villain.

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Only the best!

I think it is not only the best spaghetti western, but also one of the best movies ever made. I love this movie so much, I think its the most beautiful epic ever

100% agreed to Seb. It’s epic. No need for a rating :wink:

Simply breathtaking !!! One of the best movies ever made !!! I love it including the great soundtrack !!!


Yep this is the icing on the cake for me, my all time favourite film. 100% satisfaction guarantied every viewing. Nuf said.

now what Idiot gave it 4 stars?
he shall hang!

[quote=“Sebastian, post:8, topic:322”]now what Idiot gave it 4 stars?
he shall hang![/quote]
I agree
Once upon a time in the west is my favourite spaghetti.
it may not be the one i watch most but i think it has the most beautiful music and cinematography of all spaghetti’s let alone Leone’s.

It’s an absolute classic and as Yodlaf says, it’s not one that can be watched over and over, like The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, for instance, probably because it’s not got much in the way of light relief or comedy characters, but it’s a classic of the heightest order.

Still, I do prefer A Fistful Of Dynamite, but that’s down to a matter of personal taste.

For me OUATITW has what is very possibly the very best opening scene of any movie I’ve ever seen (and I have seen thousands as I used to manage a video store, and I was a professional movie projectionist for many years).

I believe it’s still the longest opening credit sequence in cinema history. And what a sequence. I still feel like screaming at Jack Elam to swat that damned fly everytime I watch it! I can almost feel the little bastard crawling alover my own face.

Casting Henry fonda as the lead villian was a piece of genius. It is a bit of a shock for a actor who normally plays sympathetic parts to become this character with no redeeming features.

This is one the things always mentioned about the film but I think it has already lost its shock value (or whatever it might be). Partly because it’s so well known thing and also the contemporary audience won’t probably know which kind of parts Fonda used to play or his iconic status as a “good guy”. He’s absolutely terrific in his role though!

THE perfect movie.


He has played a villain only one year before in a mediocre film called Firecreek.

Fact is also, he has played many shady guys over the years. Fonda had a wide spectrum, but it’s true he has never played such an evil guy like Frank.

Maybe it was a shock to see Fonda playing this role, but the real shocker would have been to see Jimmy Stewart or John Wayne killing this family.

John Wayne would never have agreed to play that character. He like so many other hollywood stars were/are very aware of their image and chooses the films they take part in with great care so they don’t ruin that image.

Yes, and John Wayne for example did not like the films Clint Eastwood was making at the time aswell, which of course included the DOLLAR films (as we all know they did not get released till a bit later in the U.S).