The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

Yes, reason enough to skip that short scene.

I like the grotto scene. :fearful:

That is of course a fair point. The scene shouldn’t be there, but it most probably was inserted because people who had scene an early print thought that Harmonica was a ghost. At least, that’s what I found when I was doing some research in relation to this controversial scene.

But still the grotto scene irritates me more, I just can’t stand it. It sounds wrong, looks wrong.
But I noticed that there are people on the face of this world who like it (at least one)

Do not mind the scene. I mind that the original english mono soundtrack is not on many official releases though.

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Not much to say, except that it’s one of my favourite movies of all time. Eli Wallach shone like he was heaven sent in the lead role, the cinematography is gorgeous to look at, the music is just- oh! So beautiful!
The comedy, the drama, the angry bromance… everything works for me.

Love all these pictures.

Blondie in the top one is like, “Wake up, you!”

An article on the restoration of Sad Hill Cemetery from last week, really cool to hear about this! There’s also a place to donate, a “Sponsor a Tomb” section where you can donate money to clean one of the tombs:

Cool. Sponsor a fictional headstone? Sounds neat.

I think the run is cute.

The bit with the chicken was awkward. As soon as that was over I pretended it never happened. Beautiful set and cinematography as always though.

I have inquiries also about Wallach’s Western wear. Tuco’s, really.
The first is about those studded… what do you call them? Those tan flares around his trousers in a good part of the movie. What do you call those?
Also those black boots at the end? Those are nice. I noticed the pretty little pattern on them which is hard to see through all the dirt. Did Simi design them or else where were they bought?

Rumors this is coming from Criterion again…

Great! I hope they retain the colour-timing they perfected on the last release. :slight_smile:

Why do these links indicate a kind of rumour?

Actually it would be great to have a Criterion release, as MGM isn’t willing to release the film properly.

Properly? What do you mean properly?

Correct colours, the original mono audio (away with that 5.1. shitty shit), away with the grotto scene in the bonus section, and the international (161 min) and the Italian version (175 min) on seperate discs.
And on a third disc the famous so called Stanton cut (172 min).


!!! (we’re not here)

The standalone US BD of the 4K remaster does include the original mono (accept for the reinstated scenes).