No Room to Die / Una lunga fila di croci (Sergio Garrone, 1969)

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Wiki says that that the registration for a trademark was easier to get by using Blu instead of Blue.

There is already a Blue Ray in our world:

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Just watched this one and I have to say that I was disappointed! The characters are extremely flat and the story hardly goes on. There are of course some good moments like when Anthony Steffen digs his grave (what an amazing moment), where the music fits very well and I can’t imagine it better, but generally the hole movie gave me the taste that it tried very hard to have an specific style. I’m not saying that it hasn’t, but I could feel an effort to be something more. I can think now of the scene where Steffen rides in and we can see him trough a Winchester trigger. I didn’t like it at all! Over the top! In my opinion the style is not something that you can force. When you do too much, you kill it. And how about the duel at the end? Garrone wanted soo much to have made The good, the bad and the ugly. It was obvious! Even the score was tending towards Morricone and stepping back when the connection became too obvious.

Maybe I was not in the mood for pasta tonight and I read that many of you like this film, but I was expecting much more! Even Macchiavelli couldn’t save it! Although being the worse film appearance of her that I’ve seen, I don’t know what I’ve would have done if she didn’t appear in it. And what an awful love story!!! And what about the Mexican couple! Ahhh!!!

I think that I should stop writing about it. :-X

So, conclusion. 2/5 ::slight_smile:

P.S.: What the heck were those black & white flashbacks??? :o

now, i don’t even remember those scene you mentioned, it’s three years i’ve seen it, but was disappointed by it too back then

I happen to love this film but I have to agree with you on the film’s flaws Salty Jim. I wrote about some of this in my review for

Edit: I just finished reading the review I wrote (its one of the first that I wrote) and I’m cringing at how bad my writing is lol.

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:66, topic:802”]I happen to love this film but I have to agree with you on the film’s flaws Salty Jim. I wrote about some of this in my review for

Edit: I just finished reading the review I wrote (its one of the first that I wrote) and I’m cringing at how bad my writing is lol.[/quote]

Nothing wrong with that review. I agree on most things (the lethal shovel for instance) but wouldn’t rate the movie as high as you do. The premise about the Mexicans smuggled across the border only to be forced to do slave labor sounds interesting, but nothing in particular is done with it, it’s just one shootout after another, with the story - as Salty Jim says - hardly going on. Sloppy movie.

Which one is your review? There are two at fistfulofpasta.

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:66, topic:802”]I happen to love this film but I have to agree with you on the film’s flaws Salty Jim. I wrote about some of this in my review for

Edit: I just finished reading the review I wrote (its one of the first that I wrote) and I’m cringing at how bad my writing is lol.[/quote]
You’re exaggerating quite a bit.

This one:

Raro Blu Ray Review (and DVD comparison):

Have just finished viewing this one again, and also comparing the Raro DVD to the newer Raro Blu-Ray release. I really like this spaggie with its constant gun-play, nice camerawork, Berger/Steffen, and all the proper genre fixings. It may not be terribly original, but that doesn’t bother me.

I still don’t have a blu ray drive for my computer yet, so I just flipped back and forth between the DVD & Blu-Ray on my TV.

The blu-ray clearly has received a new transfer, unfortunately whoever processed this transfer seems to be totally clueless. The video suffers from a slight ghosting like effect which is comparable to certain Wild East releases (ya’ll know the ones) - its not nearly as bad/noticeable, but its definitely present. Presumably, this is partially because the video is encoded in 1080i, which is interlaced video and whoever did this transcoding didn’t handle it properly. Why anyone would produce interlaced video on a blu ray in 2013 is totally beyond me…

While the DVD has all the film grain present and there’s quite a lot of it, the blu ray transfer is totally absent of grain. This is surely because of post-processing by digital filters and not due to a super clean print, as when comparing screenshots there seems to be more detail in the DVD. If you’re one who doesn’t like film grain, then perhaps you will like the look of the blu ray as it does look clean. For me, the blu ray video with its absence of grain looks almost like cheap TV video ala an old Dr. Who episode.

I can’t stand stuff like ghosting, love the grain & detail, so the DVD wins for me. I actually ended up finishing the film on DVD instead of the blu ray I just purchased.

One other small note of comparison, it looks like Raro has inserted their own title into the credits with the text, “A Hanging for Django” whereas the DVD shows the original print title “No Room To Die”

The blu also lists a new translation for the English subtitles, which I have not compared.

I originally posted the following in the “I just bought…” thread, but am reposting here for the sake of convenience to anyone looking for info on this title. If I had a blu-ray drive, I’d do some better screen comparisons.

The following blu ray screen caps were pulled from a web review at:

I also have the Japanese SPO DVD, if anyone is interested in matching shots from that disc.

Raro DVD vs Raro Blu-Ray.
Photo album link:[/url]

DVD - top
BR - bottom

It looks like the colors are a bit different, and the DVD is darker than the BR. In the shot with Steffen, there appears to be more detail visible on the DVD (DNR?). In the last shot, there seems to be more detail visible on the BR, but mainly because the difference in darkness. Based on these screens, I probably wouldn’t buy the BR if I already owned the DVD release, but it remains to be seen what the video looks like in motion and at least now I have a nice case to put my burned copy of the DVD in :stuck_out_tongue:

Full sized:

Full sized:

Full sized:

Full sized:

Full sized:

Full sized: [url=<img src=’/uploads/db4315/original/2X/3/31bcbf84b27257231dcadaedeb30d2a6b0735eec.jpg’>]

Oh yeah, one other thing I hadn’t noticed before - Berger’s preacher doing a classic tarot spread reading - something I don’t think I’ve seen before in a spagh:

What leads me to believe this is suppose to be tarot reading and not a card game like Iron Cross or Four Seasons is how the cards are laid out and turned over - the method doesn’t match those card games at all and obviously as he turns over the King it is correlated to characters on screen, and this is also the card position which would represent a person in this kind of tarot reading. Then again, what he’s doing doesn’t fully match tarot reading either, so maybe someone else recognizes this as some other card game I am unaware of.

Thanks for the in-depth comparison; anything Raro puts out has to be researched pretty extensively before buying I find, due to over-zealous use of DNR. It’s not a favourite of mine - I much prefer Lone and Angry Men - but it’s a shame that even on BD, Spaghetti Westerns aren’t getting the treatment they deserve.

Thanks alot Auto. Would also appreciate a comparison between the raro dvd and the spo dvd, which I used to own.


…Sorry guys, its sunday morning and had to get that off my chest.

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hahah… yea I must say its pretty disappointing. Was excited to see a blu release and so instantly bought it. It always seems to be these blind buys that stick ya.

I will try to remember to get some SPO screens soon but I think the Raro DVD should have it beat.

4/5. One of the best performances I’ve seen from William Berger. Lots of dark jokes about him being a preacher man. Love the scene where he is crying because he got his money stolen. “It’s a sin to steal”. Berger’s character is really interesting because instead of playing the bad guy that you root for, which we’ve seen so many times, he’s a good guy that you root against. But who am I kidding, I was rooting for Berger the whole time. Not a very good movie overall, but I’ve watched it about 10 times now because of Berger.

So the best release of this is the Raro DVD?

Yeah, according to autephex an Douglas Mortimer, it looks that way, doesn’t it? I own the Raro DVD myself an I’m contented with picture and sound quality.

The 1st Carl Smart henchman is played by Franco Pasquetto (comparison pic from Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die), and not Gaetano Scala as reported on both the Database and IMDb.

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Rewatched the movie and wrote a review this time. I didn’t like it when i first watched it, but a better print and English audio (I watched it on a French netwerk called Action the first time) helped a little, or actually quite a lot. Won’t ever be a personal favorite, but it’s among the more enjoyable Steffens