No Room to Die / Una lunga fila di croci (Sergio Garrone, 1969)


Well, I was gonna buy the Raro blu-ray. Guess i’ll buy the DVD instead :smile:

(kevenz) #82

I have that Raro blu ray and I think the picture quality is fine…. for an upscale :slight_smile:

It’s not true hd like an Arrow blu ray for exemple but it’s good enough.

(Søren) #83

But it’s not an upscale surely. States that’s it’s a new HD transfer from a 35mm roll. The problem is they DNR’ed the shit out of it. I got the blu-ray too, and does not look good. Plastic city.

(kevenz) #84

from what I remember it looked just the same as the japanese spo.


I found this one to be rather entertaining, and I’ll admit Steffan was… pretty good in it! :shushing_face:

The Raro DVD looks fine too.