New Forum Layout [Feedback and Questions]

(Asa) #62

Hang on Seb, I’ve got Richard_W on my “muted” list. How come I can still see his posts?

(Sebastian) #63

Not to my knowledge. The old functionality was somewhat flawed as it was more of a hint as to the past 15 or so minutes… but I will try to find out if something like that is planned

(Sebastian) #64

Why not? You can just scroll and scroll until you found it? Or you use the search, where is the problem?

But even better: Once you are in a topic, open the search from the top bar, and you’ll see a check mark that says “search within topic”. Does that help? Give it a try and let me know

(Sebastian) #65

I believe muting applies only to PMs and notifications

(tomas) #66

yes, i meant that “15 or so minutes hint” - i liked that - to see who was present, or still is

(tomas) #67

okay, i guess, it¨s alright, it’s probably only my temporary puzzlement

(Sebastian) #68

I have set up a Sandbox topic for everyone to play around in

(Stanton) #69

Funny, that quoted post from Richard W, I can’t see it, only as the quote.

(scherpschutter) #70

Same here; Other posts I see two or three times (when somebody replied to them)

(titoli) #71

So old achievements are gone? Man, I will never be a Django now. And the small round avatars, and white on white, and I can’t see basic statistics of a member immediately, and there is no option to log out automatically after some time… But I can learn to live with all of that, and if the search engine is really much better (have to play around with it a bit to judge) that’s great.

My major issue/question is: maybe I’m just too lazy to figure it out, but is there a way to see latest post of a topic, not first on top by default when I click on a topic? This clicking on “Go to bottom” is annoying, especially with that bottom escaping while page loads. For now “endless scroll” design to me seems more complicated and slower if you just want to check latest news in particular topic than old design with “pages”.

(Sundance) #72

Where is my Freddie Prinze Jr avatar? I am nothing without it.


Shit! This will take some time to getting use to.

(Sebastian) #74

@stanton I can’t quote reproduce, I see his original post. But I will ask the tech guys if they know of existin bugs. @scherpschutter not quite sure what you mean, can you possibly send me a screenshot?

@titoli the old “achievements” were more or less manual ranks depending on post number. The amoung of posts doesn’t really say much about a users’s achievements in a community so I don’t shed too many tears about those. But I am thinking of establishing some additional ranks for some members, just haven’t thought of good criteria yet. “Staff” will definitely be back for those stepping up and becoming active users in the community.

[quote=“titoli, post:71, topic:3598”]
and white on white
[/quote] @titoli where do you see white on white? Yes there is currently no option to manually set cookie expiration. As for basic stats, there’s a few numbers here:

On your major issue question, in any topic by clicking on the otherwise opening one will get you started where you left off reading the last time you visited the topic. Go to bottom is not exactly what you’re after, you can really just tell that thing to take you directly to the last one, there’s no scrolling necessary with that jump I think. With the old design with “pages” you had to remember yourself which “page” you were last on. Now, it’ll remember where you left off and you keep reading the story as it develops.

@Sundance most avatars were carried over, however it seems not all of them were. I am sorry about that. I recommend using this as an opportunity to re-pimp your profile. There’s also the option of setting a cool background image now.

@Lone_Gringo we’re here for you :slight_smile: Let me know if you have questions, and do read the welcome topic where some basics are explained. Otherwise: use the sandbox topic to experiment.

(John Welles) #75

@Admin I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating what is essentially a dedicated IT support service while all of us gringos ‘break in’ this new forum layout: thank you!

(The Man With a Name) #77

I know exactly how you feel! I was quite proud of how quickly I went from being an unarmed gringo to a bribed sheriff.

(Sebastian) #78

The default setting here are the trust levels. New users rise from 0 to 1 usually withing 15 minutes. Rising to 2 requires a lot of activity during the course of at least a week. And so on.

My suggestion would be to rename those, so instead of “trust level X” it would be “Unarmed Gringo” or “Experienced Gunslinger”. The downside is that it’ll get harder to explain what this means.

Trust level 2 btw gets access to a private lounge :wink:

(Sebastian) #79

@John_Welles I appreciate that

(ENNIOO) #80

A private lounge …sounds interesting :smile:

(titoli) #81

@Admin Thanks for detailed answer! With “white on white” I was reffering to scherps comment.

Remembering where you left off is a cool feature, but I still wish there is ability to sort the topic from the last post on top (to set that in preferences or something). There is a reason why all those forums with old “pages” design give you opportunity to click on the first AND the last page immidiately.

I just keep posting to get to that private lounge…

(Sebastian) #82

@titoli there is more to achieving trust level 2 than number of posts :wink:

Did the old forum allow reverse sorting? I still don’t quite get the issue as here u can alo jump to the 1st post and the last post. I think we need to slowly just say adios to the notion of “pages” as a visual guide which exists neither in normal conversations nor in chats yet folks want them in forums, for the sole reason that this how they have been doing it :wink: