New Forum Layout [Feedback and Questions]

(Sebastian) #42

Hi @stanton is it because it is “lots of white”, or are specific layout aspects unpractical for you? Just to make sure, can you please send me a screenshot so I know the new forum is definitely displaying correctly on your browser?

Another thing I am still doing however, is looking at other forums that use this software to see if there are certain design choice made that we could adopt…

(Chris_Casey) #43

As I said somewhere else on the forum, aged hombres like me don’t usually like change; but, the changes here seem good to me.
I like the less cluttered look of the forum and it seems very easy to navigate, so far.
Nicely done, amigo(s)!

** As I also said in one of my previous two posts made today…
Thanks to the ease of tracking previous posts provided by this new layout, I discovered that I hadn’t posted anything since March of 2013–until today!**

(Chris_Casey) #44

For an aged hombre such as myself, change isn’t always a good thing. But, I like the changes to this forum pretty well!
It looks nice and is proving to be easy to get around on (or in).

(Chris_Casey) #45

And I just realized that the above is my first post to this forum since March 2013!! :smile:

(John Welles) #46

I think that means you deserve a warm welcome back Chris! Your presence has been missed round these parts!

(ENNIOO) #47

Nice to see you post Chris !

What made you log in out of curiosity then ? :smile:

(Chris_Casey) #48

Hello, Ennioo!
Curiosity is the main reason I logged back in, I suppose.
Sebastian had been posting about the changes for awhile and I thought I should check out what he had been up to.

(Sebastian) #49

I am awake nights working my ass off to not have the very same ass handed to me by El Casey :slight_smile: I hope I did a fairly good job…

(Chris_Casey) #50

How could I possibly hand you your ass if you have worked it off, amigo?
Ha ha!
You have done fine work, sir!
Many thanks!

(Chris_Casey) #51

Thanks, @John_Welles !
I appreciate the kind words, amigo.

(scherpschutter) #52

And what about giving the post a certain color, ceslestial blue (like the welcome text) or grey (like my name in you answer ?

(Sebastian) #53

Possible, but blue would be too much and it does not fit the theme of the website so well, and if we do it gray, we’d have to change all other things on the page to something to add contrast, such as all the lines, all the tools, links, symbols, etc… which are currently grey. Just saying it’s complex :wink:

(The Man With a Name) #54

All my personal messages disappeared.

(Sebastian) #55

I am inquiring. Good question indeed. Now just to clarify: nothing is lost, there’s backups of everything. But I will try to find out if the messages can be imported…

(carlos) #56

Yea, what about the Christmas avatar? Will she be just a speck in the distance or just a round slice somewhere on her backside. :smile:

For Chrisssakes how can we lose Phil? Maybe he can come back as Hagar the Horrible or something :smile: At least we still have Ennioo! and good to see Chris!

(Richard--W) #57

The new format is unnecessarily complicated. A steep hill to climb. I don’t use Facebook nor smart phone mail so all the extra features are wasted on me.

(Stanton) #58

God, yes, yes, Christmas will be really fucked up if this isn’t changed until then. How am I supposed to enjoy these days with this tiny avatar? It won’t work, it really won’t work … now I have a big turn of the year problem …

(Sebastian) #59

Hi Richard. We’re here to help. I am sure once you get the hang of it you’ll like it. The new software does a lot of things differently, but it’s not as complicated in fact, a lot of functionality is out of your way if you don’t use it, and most things are kinda intuitive. I will post some more tutorials, have you read a few of the items in the welcome topic already?

(tomas) #60

Is somewhere a field/window, where i can see who is present right now in forum (i can’t find it) - like it was visible at the bottom in the old version

(tomas) #61

When i’m on main forum page, i can just scroll down and it just never ends. Imo, that’s not very good idea to find things.