New Forum Layout [Feedback and Questions]

(chuck connors brother) #22

My r still gone? Now breathing in past tense

(Sebastian) #23

It has to do with the maximum length. Let me research if I can increase the length without trouble…

(scherpschutter) #24

That was a joke :wink:

(and I needed to add this because my post wasn’t long enough)

(Asa) #25

It has to do with the maximum length.

As an aside: That’s exactly the line I used on mrs.caress when I talked her into a date with me. :flushed:

(morgan) #26

Found it under other preferences under profile there is the option consider topics new when I haven’t read it yet.

(chuck connors brother) #27

Thanks for fixing so fast… ofcourse I had to have 21 letters

(El Topo) #28

By mistake I’ve createad a new account, my bad. As I couldn’t log in I thought it was necessary to create a new profile. I will use my old account

(scherpschutter) #29

I guess minimum length, but that was not what you were talking about when you talked Mrs. Caress into a date, I suppose.

(Sebastian) #30

@El_Topo can you send me a private message which account is obsolete and can be deleted (i assume the newly created one)?

(Phil H) #31

Sadly my avatar seems to have disappeared in the relaunch and I don’t have it saved to this computer so will go without for a while. Can’t be arsed sorting out a new one just now.

(Sebastian) #32

Well how about a new one, @Phil_H ? :slight_smile:
I will start a “brag with your new forum profile” topic soon…

(Stanton) #33

For the moment I don’t like the new design. I actually really dislike it

(Sebastian) #34

@stanton anything in particular? And is that in general or in comparison to the old one (which sucked, but people get used to things)?

(Stanton) #35

The old forum was basically structured like every other forum is basically structured. I don’t see much reason to change this.

Of course, maybe it is only cause it is new now, and I probably need time to get used to it. We’ll see

(Sebastian) #36

One reason why I changed it :slight_smile: It is definitely something to get used to, but once you get acquainted with quickly finding things, not having to click yourself through to things, you might start digging it. It was definitely not a decision made lightly, I can assure you, but I hope the benefits will trump the skepticism.

(Stanton) #37

Continuing the discussion from New forum layout [feedback & questions]:

Of course, I knew that this was one reason.

(ENNIOO) #38

Getting used to the new style myself now.

(scherpschutter) #39

You should try a background colour, celestial blue or something, which would lift our posts. They’re white on white now, as if they’re floating in the air

(Sebastian) #40

Well, @scherpschutter it is a “clean” design. Any background color modification means that the entire rest of the design needs to be adapted to suit it, in order to ensure everything is still visible, such as navigation elements, and other layout elements. So it’s not just a matter of switching one color (white) with another, I am afraid. I am open to suggestions though, but these color things are usually a pain in the ass, because the minute you put in background colors, and boxes etc, a hundred other users will rebell because it looks like a lego website from the 80s :wink:

(Stanton) #41

Well ,for the moment it is unpleasant to read a post for me.

It all looks unstructured.

And the avatars are so little, and so round