New and Upcoming Western Films/Shows

Pedro Pascal seems to be getting in everything lately…

P.s. That certainly does look strange.

It looks like crap! … a one minute trailer of a film by an internationally known director can’t do better than this !!! … it looks a lot like the dozens of tiny budget vanity project westerns that have been around for the last 15 or 20 years.

Do Ethan and Pascal become lovers !!! LOL oh boy … there’s no agenda here, right! :crazy_face:



Oh, how true! :rofl:

A+ review, got me excited, just dont really get the idea behind shorts… am I supposed to buy this 20min movie on BluRay or what

I´m very sceptical as to this film/short. Also, whatever happened to the FOD remake with Scott Eastwood? Personally, if they use the FOD/Yojimbo/Red Harvest story but set it in something different like medieval Europe, then I would be interested, because the reason FOD worked is because it took a pre-existing story and told it in a compeletely different style and setting. If it is going to be a “Revisionist” western, I´m out.

From what I’ve read online, yes. The new Amodovar film is a variation of ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

No thanks, not for me…I’ll stick with my 45, along with a fistful of reliable, enjoyable SW’s… :cowboy_hat_face:


Easy pass for me too.

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Where is that illustration from? I love it, especially Alex Cox smiling on the wanted poster.


I just got it off the internet, by searching for ‘Spaghetti Western caricatures’…

Thanks man

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Saw this trailer (ironically when looking for a copy of I’ll Kill Him and Return Alone) and thought it looked decent. Liked the guy they got playing the kid at least.