New and Upcoming Western Films/Shows

Over the last couple of years (and this is far from a complete list, it’s just a “for example”, really)…

On the telly:

Hell on Wheels (2011 - )
Klondike (2014)
Gunslingers (2014)
The Pinkertons (2014 - )
Strange Empire (2014 - )
Texas Rising (2015)


A Million Ways to Die in the West (MacFarlane, 2014)
The Salvation (Levring, 2014)
The Homesman (Jones, 2014)
Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink (Gratzner, 2014)
Slow West (Maclean, 2015)
The Timber (O’Brien, 2015)
Echoes of War (Senes, 2015)

Movies due in the next twelve months or so:

Western Religion (O’Brien)
Bone Tomahawk (Zahler)
Forsaken (Cassar)
The Hateful Eight (Tarantino)
The Revenant (Iñárritu)
Diablo (Roeck)
By Way of Helena (name changed to The Duel) (Darcy-Smith)
Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink 2 (Gratzner)
The UnBroken (Bass)

Family westerns, comedy westerns, fantasy westerns, horror westerns, historical westerns and just plain old westerns. Throw in contemporary western shows Unjustified and Longmire, and even the upcoming HBO sci-fi/western series Westworld, and: Are westerns making a comeback of sorts? They seem to have been creeping back in all the way through the 2000s, but there appears to be more activity than I’ve noticed in… well, in a long time.


Django Unchained is among the most successful westerns ever and certainly drew a lot of extra attention to the genre. In that sense it’ll be important how well The Hateful Eight will do.

Django Unchained was the leitmotiv, but I think the time of genres primacy is gone, maybe’s time for some niche market or better saying niche genres like vampires and zombie movies. So many Zombie stuff does not mean that Horror/slasher is back from the grave

Do not think the western will come back to the extent of former years, but there has been some interesting examples in later years for sure.

in the years before Django Unchained there were quite a few westerns made, but mainly for television, only occasionally one for the big screen. Tarantino brought the genre back to where it belongs, but maybe it’s just a flare-up, we’ll see

The question I ask myself how many people just viewed Django Unchained because its a Tarantino directed film regardless of the films genre …

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:6, topic:3555”]The question I ask myself how many people just viewed Django Unchained because its a Tarantino directed film regardless of the films genre …[/quote]Loads I reckon.

Plenty, for sure. If you like a director, you give his new movie a try, (largely) irrespective of the genre. But that’s a good thing. Generates interest in the genre which mightn’t have been there previously. I hate musicals, but if QT or Martin Scorsese or Clint Eastwood or some other director I particularly liked released one tomorrow, I’d at least look at it.

So you’ll be watching Jersey Boys as soon as possible then? :wink:

I forgot about Jersey Boys! ;D I did watch it. I’d be a liar if I said that I sought it out in quite the binary manner I suggested above though, I’ll admit that. I burnt off a copy for my mum and thought, well, it’s here now, and it’s a Clint film. So I watched it. And you know, I really… didn’t like it. But even though it ultimately failed to pique an interest in me for musicals, it still kind-of makes my point, I think. I wouldn’t have given Jersey Boys a second look were it not for Clint.*

I see it as a good thing if an influential director/writer/actor tries to open up a wider audience to a particular genre, or to another less well-known filmmaker. I wonder if, sometimes, people view their niche interest as some sort of exclusive tree-house club to which they don’t want to admit anybody else? Take my football club, West Ham United. I regularly contribute to a West Ham forum much like this one, and a few of those guys absolutely hate the thought of West Ham becoming any more successful than they are (which, believe me, is pretty f*cking unsuccessful). They seem to really not respond well to the concept of West Ham’s largely localised support becoming something global like with Man United or Celtic or Barcelona or something. I just find it strange. I’d bloody love that! Same goes for films. I’m glad if Django Unchained sparked a Western revival (personally, I suspect a reignition of the genre was already on its way before that movie, but it undoubtedly must’ve generated a lot of interest on its own), and I’d be even more glad if The Hateful Eight or some other movie (Shoot in Any Direction and You’ll Hit a Bastard? :slight_smile: ) generated massive interest not only in the Western but in the Spaghetti Western.

*Paint Your Wagon can sod off, too.

well here it is

My Bone Tomahawk review

The Western Ain’t Dead - Part II

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Django Lives!

Hope this gets done soon, before it’s too late!

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That’s not really news, now is it?

Not holding my breath. Nero dying in the meanwhile is more likely than this movie getting made.


RIP to that movie, yes. Think about it: A lowbudget western that has been talked about for years now. Shouldn’t be that hard to make, apparently it is.

Maybe the budget wouldn’t be quite low enough.

I will actually see it on the big screen this sunday.

Anyways, two more articles on the subject of this topic


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These Fox readers are great, still can’t handle a woman in a lead role.

But nevermind them, I think best we can hope now is short oeriod of time when westerns wil be back in vogue due to success of some films, like the begging of the 90s with Unforgiven and Dance wurh the wolves, or when Saving private Ryan and Thin red line renewed interest in ww2 movies. It seems this could be best time for the western in spotlight, since that begging of the 90s, and I’m happy for that. But western as a sign o times - forget it, that time has passed, this is the age of superheroes.

Forsaken with the Sutherlands

And another article