My Name Is Nobody / Il mio nome è Nessuno (Tonino Valerii, Sergio Leone, 1973)

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I’ve seen it but as I said I’m not too fond of it.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #142

[quote=“Spaghetti Monkey, post:134, topic:71”]TASTE OF KILLING - 6.5/10
MY NAME IS NOBODY - 4.5/10[/quote]

Your ratings for Valerii look like my ratings for Corbucci outside of Django haha. I guess I’m crazier than you are.

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Cut 2 or 3 min with senseless (and dated) slapstick out of Nobody and it’s a 10/10.

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[quote=“p.pereira, post:128, topic:71”]He got two movies in the SWDB top 20. that should mean something. Most of his works did well in the box-office too.
So why is this fellow a bad director?![/quote]

He wasn’t a bad director, even if A Reason to Live is mostly a totally uninspired film, and the only non western I saw from him was also an uninspired tiring mess.

My ratings for his first 3 westerns are not bad, but these films could be clearly better with these casts and plots if any of the other well known SW directors had made them. He was an ok director who lacks the inspiration to make something out of the stuff he had in his hands. I only see there a routine copyist of the Leone style at work, who was at best able to make solid material. There aren’t much scenes in his films which I would call well made, and there is often, despite his higher than usual budgets, a surprising lack of atmosphere. I can enjoy DoA and TPoP, but they are never exciting.

And even if he hadn’t made such a dull film like ARtL, AStD only a year before Nobody, it would be hard to believe for me that he should out of nothing be able to make such a brilliantly directed film like MNIN. And then after Nobody just another turkey with Sahara Cross.

From all the well known SW directors, he was, concerning his directorial talents, the least gifted for me.

(Silence) #145

I think his films suffer from being not much more than style.

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Mine is as follows:

Taste of Killing 8/10.
Day of Anger 7/10.
Price of Power 6/10.
A Reason to Live, A Reason To Die 5/10.
My Name Is Nobody 2 /10.

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What is this? You guys are more insane than Stanton with his Boot Hill.

(Silence) #148

Would also rate it something like 4/10.

(ENNIOO) #149

Find the whole film irritating and overlong. Hill is to self indulgent.

(Novecento) #150

Interesting comment! Excluding My Name Is Nobody, Price of Power is my favorite (although I haven’t seen Taste of Killing), but this may be very much due to the excellent score and sets.

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Nobody is more insane than me …

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #152

My Name is Nobody 9
Day of Anger 9
Price of Power 7
Reason to Live 7
Taste of Killing 6

LOL funny Boot Hill was brought up, this is my ratings for Colizzi
Boot Hill 4
God Forgives 6
Ace High 7

Overall I like think Valerii is a better director than Colizzi

(Spaghetti Monkey) #153

Not for me :slight_smile: That’s what i love about this place though, more differences of opinion than in other genres i like. And it’s a good thing, sometimes makes you reconsider things.

(Silence) #154

I think Colizzi is a much better director than Valerii. But that’s just me.

(Stanton) #155

Well, yes, Colizzi is much better. And he really did something with the bigger budgets he got.

(korano) #156

I’m somewhere in neutral in my favoring either over the other. I like all of Valerii’s westerns and all Colizzi’s westerns. I think Colizzi was better at balancing storyline and atmosphere/style while Valerii was best at making a completely competent film. That is to say he was best at managing all elements to work with and for each other while toning the style, action, and atmosphere down a bit. All his westerns have good storylines. Price of Power, Day of anger, and Nobody especially.

But None of his films match have the great style and atmosphere of Colizzi. But Colizzi’s westerns had bigger flaws than Valerii’s. They were slower which isn’t a big problem. His main problem was that not all aspects of his films harmonised. Ace High and Boot Hill are great films when they want to be. They had a very slick, noirish feel which doesn’t go well with clowns and circus. The styles make each other look cheasy.

My opinion of course.

(ENNIOO) #157

Prefer Valerii over Colizzi so far, as have one Colizzi western yet to view.

(Novecento) #158

I’d have to go with Colizzi myself.

(Silence) #159

I think Colizzi’s films are more well directed, the opening scene in Boot Hill is as often said very well done.

(Novecento) #160

Yes, best part of the film for me.