My Name Is Nobody / Il mio nome è Nessuno (Tonino Valerii, Sergio Leone, 1973)

(The Swede) #1

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here’s alex cox’s intro to the film:

This is a great film by Day of Anger Director Tonino Valerii (another protege of Leone). It stars Terrence Hill and Henry Fonda. Its about an aging gunfighter and a young outlaw who tags along with him. Its nicely directed and has plenty of comedy from Hill. The music is by Morricone and the title theme isnt what youd expect to hear in a spaghetti western. Its more lighthearted and singsongy for the most part.

Info: Director Sergio Leone is said to have directed some scenes in the film.

Tonino Valerii: The Films (Roberto Curti)
(Sebastian) #2

…or finished what valerii started :slight_smile:

i also like the film although i hate all the comedy crap the german dubbers introduced to it. the english dub is much more serious

(The Swede) #3

It just came out on DVD from Image Entertainment a few months ago too. You might want to pick it up. I had to get it since its one of my favorites.

(Sebastian) #4

yeah its also out from Paramount here in a far superior edition. but its also coming out in 2 months in france with evena valerii audio commentary…

(Cian) #5

The Image Entertainment DVD is excellent quality, but has no extras whatsoever. A great film, but I always found the showdown with the wild bunch a little disappointing. The graveyard scene in the Indian reservation is one of my favourite SW moments.

(Sebastian) #6

yeah that’s a great moment

(Bill san Antonio) #7

“My name is Nobody” is most beloved spaghetti western for me. It’s not best one but I found myself watching it more often than any other film. I just love every scene in this film, especially graveyard scene and the pooltable-scene. I’m eagerly waiting for the new dvd release.

(Half Soldier) #8

If anyone fancies writing a review for me for my Euro Western pages it would be great, as I’ve not got around to scribing one yet.

In the meantime, visit and vote.

(Ste_300) #9

I can’t beleive it. I was hunting this down on DVD in the biggest DVD emporium name in Britain (HMV) to to luck. They don’t f-ing have it!

Also, when i saw Sabata, i relised that William Berger and Henry Fonda look very similar…

(Sebastian) #10

this surely is no accident. the whole story of Spaghetti Westerns is a constant effort to ride on the success of others. That starts with the use os close ups, continues with the use of Django elements and ends with the casting of actors that look similar to ones of really successful films

(Ste_300) #11

Yeah, it’s a real close similarite, and i can see that a lot use the same elements.

(Kitosch) #12

Now imagine Fonda giving the young Bronson a Banjo instead of the harmonica. “Keep your lovin’ brother happy… SQUARE DANCE! Grab your partner DO-SI-DO…!”

(Sebastian) #13

In my opinion, the movie is great but has lots of weaknesses. of course this is a very difficult subject. on the one hand, Leone wanted to produce the “last” spaghetti western but he had to balance seriousness and comedy and i think this dual-thing hurts the film. neverthelesss an a-grade picture.

(Bob Robertson) #14

when jack b. leaves the west, who stays? nobody… i hate the german version, but the english one: it s great… thank you sergio leone… and sorry: who is valerii :wink:

(Vancouver James) #15

5 Stars to be sure…some of SW’s greatest scenes like where Fonda takes on the wild bunch and the drinking contest in the saloon and the graveyard scene and the pool table scene and the…I could go on and on…one of my all time favs

Van James ;D

(Bill san Antonio) #16

Valerii’s best film definitely -and he made lots of great films.
Too bad to say this but I think this film would be even better without Leone’s interferes.

(Cian) #17

The only problem I have with this film is Hill’s slapstick antics in the bar. That scene would benefit from being shortened a bit. Apart from that, a great film. The graveyard scene is one of my all time favourites and I love when the wild bunch first appear. Watch the way a shadow fills the valley behind them as they ride towards the camera.

(Colonel_Kurz) #18

I haven’t seen much non-Leone SW’s, but this one is definitely not a favourite. When I saw it about a year ago, I think it was my first non-Leone SW. It turned me off from looking any further for a long time. I really didn’t take well to the awful humour of Hill, especially the scene around the fountain. I also found the scenes with the Wild Bunch pretty ineffective, and lacking the tension and grandour I expected or felt was needed. Fonda will always be fantastic in my book, but he couldn’t save this one for me. If it wasn’t for recently seeing Django and realizing I had to see more of these films, I wouldn’t even be here now.

(Malo) #19

Honestly, I really like the film. Even though it is comedic, I think this one could have been great had the ball not been dropped w/ the finale and the Wild Bunch. I was anticipating a great showdown, and barely got any action due to that weird freeze frame garbage. Nonetheless, even with this, I still really like the film.

(Bill san Antonio) #20

I thought same way when I saw the film for the first time but I have changed my opinion. Violent action scene wouldn’t really fit into the light-hearted tone of the movie.