Most violent spaghetti western?

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well, El Desperado (The Dirty Outlaws) is certainly one of most violent and harsh spaghie i’ve seen - and as i mentioned that bottle scene in California, in El Desperado is something similar …

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Deperado is great and very harsh indeed, but it never gets that violent to me. But it’s a violent flick decidedly.

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Django Kill

Cutthroats Nine



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gallowalkers 2010

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Original Italian rating for the thirty-two SWs mentioned in this thread (first releases):

A Fistful of Dollars VM18
For a Few Dollars More ALL
Django VM18
A Bullet for the General VM18
Johnny Yuma VM14
Massacre Time VM18
Texas, Adios VM18
Navajo Joe VM18
Django Kill, if You Live, Shoot! VM18
The Dirty Outlaws VM18
Face to Face ALL
Death Rides a Horse VM14
Professional Gun/The Mercenary ?
Vengeance ALL
Taste of Death/Cost of Dying ALL
A Gun for One Hundred Graves VM14
The Great Silence VM18 reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for "exaltation and glorification of crime"
El Puro ALL
And God Said to Cain VM18
Companeros ALL
Soleil rouge ALL
Duck, You Sucker/A Fistful of Dynamite VM14
Blindman VM14
Cut-Throats Nine unreleased in Italy
The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe VM18
Fast Hand Is Still My Name VM14
Four of the Apocalypse VM18
Keoma ALL
Mannaja ALL
California ALL
Comin’ at Ya! unreleased in Italy
Scalps ALL

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The most violent I’ve seen is Cut Throats Nine. So unnecessarily violent and gory it becomes distracting. I’m still very interested to see the remake if it ever happens, though. There’s a really great movie in there somewhere, the original was just too uneven in its tone.


I personally found The Deserter (1971) to be pretty violent.

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I think we should actually write an article about the more violent aspects of the spaghetti westerns

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The Mercenary was rated ALL.

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Other SWs originally rated VM18 were for example Garringo, May God Forgive You… But I Won’t, the 1st release of Wanted, One Dollar Of Fire, Black Jack, Fury of Johnny Kid, A Stranger in Town, Kill the Wicked (at first authorisation for public showing was denied!), The Stranger Returns, Last of the Badmen, John the Bastard, Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears, Blood River, One Thousand Dollars On the Black and Vengeance Is Mine*. But there’s more…

*See Per 100,000 dollari t’ammazzo thread, Reply #93

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In Germany it was rated FSK 18, just like Django and Silence, which are still FSK 18, while Il mercenario is now FSK 16.

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The same thing happened in 1968 to This Man Can’t Die, The Great Silence and the counterfeit SW Se incontri Sjango cercati un posto per morire, also known as Django il più duro a morire.

According to the Committee for the Theatrical Review the Brazilian movie, originally submitted in the summer period, was ‘‘quasi totalmente imperniato su scene di raccapricciante e bestiale violenza, nonché su una trama che per il continuo insegnamento ad uccidere fatto da un padre nei confronti del figlio configura certamente l’offesa al buon costume ad al comune senso morale’’: a new version with cuts in six scenes and completely changed movie dialogue was approved at the end of December with VM14 rating.