Most violent spaghetti western?

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shangai joe

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[quote=“Lindberg, post:9, topic:363”]Both A Fistful of Dollars and Django have some really violent scenes!

For example the massacre at the Baxters house, and when Joe is beaten up!

Django gets his hands crushed![/quote]
neither film was really violent.

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have you watched catthroats nine? I can’t think of a more violent one!

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hi there,

I’m not sure this thread is still alive, but I HAD to step in, even if this answer is lost in the wind.

I just couldn’t accept the idea that people would deal with violent SW without mentioning the magnificent Keoma !!

This movie has the graphic violence of a Chang Cheh movie (I exagerate a little bit maybe, but not much), it is clearly one of the best, most beautifull, darkest, most violent SW ever made, maybe the last of its kind.

I suppose the most violent good SW (as pointed out by someone) would be
Django Kill (go and see Death Laid An Egg, his strange giallo, and Arcana (if you can find it) if you liked Django Kill)
The Great Silence (the best Corbucci effort in “serious” western)
The 4 of the Apocalypse (even though it is a little frustrating)
Texas Addios (almost a twin of Fulci’s Tempo Di Massacro)
Tempo di Massacro (almost a twin of… okay, okay, I stop here)
Vengeance (late Ferdinando Baldi which was screened in 3D and was indeed violent)

Obviously, violence is an important side of SW, the moral violence as well as the graphic one. It is often what makes me prefer Italian efforts to the classic american ones, the crude violence, hopelessness, vengefull dark heroes. (It is the only problem I have with Fulci’s heroes, they often do not go far enough, Testi both in Marseilles connection and in the Four of the Apocalypse is reluctant to pull a real “die in pain, bastard” kind of revenge, and it is frustrating to me, especially in regard of the horror he and his close ones suffered because of the villain Millian (and Buffosi in the mafia movie) )

Ah, I forgot the 2nd (or 3rd) of the dollar trilogy, (for a few dollars more, maybe ? I’m not sure about the title but i do remember this excellent movie well), the one with Gian Maria Volonte as the cruelest villain ever and Lee Van Cleef as a good guy (and good ol’ Clint of course)

And to those who love Millian, go and see Sergio Sollima Cuchillo trilogy! Not the most violent SW, but they are among the bests.

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shangai joe
great silence
cut throat’s nine

and the american ‘wild bunch’

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And God Said To Cain

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I saw Navajo Joe yesterday and it had a lot of violent scenes which caught me off guard being such an early SW. Certainly not the most violent, but I think it deserves a mention.

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Speaking of violent scenes, I’m surprised no one has mentioned El Puro.

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Well, it depends what it is based on. Texas Adios (1966) with Franco Nero is quite high in terms of Body count. Franco Nero in the finale shoots 20 people down in 10 mins. Plus many other people die within the film.

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Oh, and the most violent thing about Keoma is probably the soundtrack.
My ears… :frowning:

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[quote=“cochino, post:90, topic:363”]Oh, and the most violent thing about Keoma is probably the soundtrack.
My ears… :([/quote]

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[quote=“cochino, post:90, topic:363”]Oh, and the most violent thing about Keoma is probably the soundtrack.
My ears… :([/quote]
Hahaha! I actually liked it, kept getting the “Keoooomaaa, nooooo! Oh keooooomaaa, nooo!” stuck in my head.

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I like it as well (not as much as I used to though), but I can understand Cochino’s point of view. :wink:

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I’m exaggerating of course, it’s only a joke. And it wasn’t the Keoooooomaaaa yells that bothered me so much but the incredibly out of tune male vocals. Which were even worse in Mannaja since they were the only vocals in the soundtrack :confused:
I find most of the late SW soundtracks to be quite terrible, even when I like the movie. California for instance. But I am getting way off topic.

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always liked music in California and btw it is also quite violent - remember the end when Gemma punches the bastard in the face through a bottle? and it is accompanied by great track - one of my favorite moments in SWs

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Yeah, California is quite a dark one. When I was talking about the soundtrack I meant mostly the main theme. The rest is not bad itself but I think it doesn’t quite suit the movie which as you wll say is quite violent and bleak. The bottle scene is excellent, one of my favorite moments in all SWs as well. Actually, I think I’m gonna watch it again one of these days.

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Yeah, I’ve no idea how they filmed this. This looks awesome.

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Not viewed California yet, looking forward to it though, alot more obscure westerns to view first for me.

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Damn! That sounds awesome! Gotta add California to the much watch list. As for the topic, I gotta say Cut Throats 9 is the most violent SW I’ve seen. Django Kill…If You Live shoot would be 2nd.

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Certainly RamonRed. California is not only interesting from a historical point of view, but also a pretty good film (I’ve got it on my Top 20). It’s not perfect and it feels a bit mauled in the middle, but it’s sad and very sentimental flick. Worth a look.