Most controversial thread ever (enter at your own risk)

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BL did put it nicely.

Speaking for myself (and anyone who agrees with me), the fact that Lindberg is trying to play down the events of the Holocaust is about as disturbing as his defense of Hitler’s ideals.

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Okay, korano, but let him speak first now

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That’s what I’ve been waiting for. And it appears we’ll have to wait a little longer.

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Up to now we don’t know exactly what Lindberg really thinks. All he has said so far is ambiguous.

Or let’s say he is “sentenced” until now only by circumstantial evidence.

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You´re right, it was a (not so serious) little reference to an earlier post, but perhaps a tad inappropriate. For what it´s worth, I was referring to Nietzsche´s definition, not Hitler´s. But that probably didn´t come across.

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I’ve seen the pics Spuff is refering too. They are disturbing, his gramps took them when he was in the army, they had to clean out a concentration camp. The pics go along way in showing what Hitler and his followers were really about. How anyone these days could deny that the holocaust happened is beyond me. I agree with Bad Lietenant though, it’s probally better not to post them. Also what’s Lindberg’s deal? He starts this thread, posts something that to me comes off as “Pro-Hitler” and then he just fades away. Is he afraid to clarify his intent?

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Oh yeah one more thing, this is a question for Bad Lietenant about one of the first posts. What is an untermensch? ???

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It’s the opposite of an Übermensch

Untermensch (sub human) is a term that was really used in some nazi propaganda movies (so the objection that those things are all ‘propaganda’ is true, in a sense). Untermenschen were for example mentally handicapped people, who had, according to some of the nazi ideologists, no right to live. A man like Dr. Mengele was therefore allowed to use them for his experiments. Sometimes other races were called Untermenschen, especially Slavs like Russians or Poles. There was also a term ‘Lebensunwertes Leben’ (not worh to live), sometimes used in relation to Gypsies and Jews.

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Second that motion!!

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Its to bad guys I cant post the pics of a death camp. The attachment thing on this site says something about a upload back log or so. I can’t go another site and upload, it seems that in becoming a member of these things you have to agree not to upload this kind of content. So go on and continue with Hitler just remember it still stinks in some parts of germany

yeah bad lt. the whole point of posting these images would be to have the thread removed, if it removes me as well so be it. and no one wants to see the faces in my pictures, no one would want to reply to a thread that has those kinds of images on it. how could you remark to children in a pile. children, a girl no older than 13 looks so fresh that she could walk off. the executed german guards, all in a nice row. the half burned bodies, hell a man demonstrates how they grab you by the throat with a tong device and put you in a oven. they were all real people man. It would show all of you that this web site about a such a great thing is no place for this kind of discussion

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Maybe the name of this thread should just be changed. I don’t mind talkin about politics, just don’t like doing it in a thread named hitler.

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I don’t think we should discuss politics on this forum.

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Ok, sorry for my late reply here, I was busy last week

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[quote=“Silence”]What’s so terrible about invading Poland and putting every jew you see in a concentration camp?

Seriously, your post was an insult to anyone that’s been a victim to Hitler or would have been if it happened now.


The conflict with Poland was about the former German city of Danzig that Germany lost after WW1, and the so-called Polish corridor

One of the things Hitler aimed to do was to unite all Germans in a greater Germany, both retake the areas lost after WW1, and also the annexation (anschluss) of Austria

Without this Polish conflict, or if it could have been solved, maybe Poland would have been an ally to Germany as well as some of the other Eastern European countries

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[quote=“korano, post:3, topic:2465”]And really, I don’t think this forum (let alone the whole world) is the place to humanize a facist dictator who systematically exterminated 30 million people. Not just Jews but Gypsies, homosexuals, cripples, and even the mentally retarded. How much of a threat were cripples, elderly, and retarded people to him or anybody? sure Gypsies may be thieves but thats no reason to ethnically cleanse them. Not many people like the Jews. But again, no one deserved what they got. But wait, he wasn’t that bad! ::slight_smile:

And I know you’ll say that I’m only looking at the bad parts or acting like a victim, but that doesn’t excuse anything. Hitler was a Facist piece of shit.[/quote]

I’m sure a lot of Jews and Gypsies were sent to concentration camps, used as slave labour, and even executed. I’m not denying this

The actual figure is a bit uncertain though, even if it’s commonly said that 6 million Jews were killed

However no German homosexuals, cripples or elderly were killed

A number (figures ranging from 60 to 200 thousand) of mentally ill people or incurably ill newborns were put to death in various mental hospitals though, which of course seems very cruel today

This was the 1930s though, and even in my own country Sweden people who were considered unworthy were lobotomized or sterilized as late as 1975 !

And today we have many abortions of children as well in many countries, which could also be seen as questionable

Furthermore in Sweden we also had an institute for race biology, so these various ideas were in no way unique for the National Socialists in the 1930s and 40s

The United States was a racially segregated society as late as the 1960s, not to mention blacks used as slaves during the 1800s

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[quote=“Stanton, post:4, topic:2465”]The SPD is the socialist party for the masses (Volkspartei are they called, just like CDU or FDP and meanwhile also Die Grünen) here in Germany, without being very marxian, but they had massive problems in the 3rd Reich.
If the moderate NSDAP members would have been socialists, they would have joined the SPD, surely not the CDU.

Lindberg, you don’t think Hitler is responsible for the death of ca 50 mio people?

You don’t think the Germans (not only a few Nazis) killed 6 mio Jews in a beastly way?[/quote]

The SPD was also marxist even though they were social-democrats, advocating class struggle and being internationalists, so probably not an alternative for former NSDAP members

And whether you like it or not Stanton, the NSDAP, the National Socialist German Workers Party, was extremely concerned with social issues and raising the standard of the working class from their poor conditions during the Weimar era. At the same time the National Socialist society was filled with a sense that everyone was working for the benefit of all the community, the volksgemeinschaft. This in contrast to marxists who put different classes against each other to disunite society. You could say it’s two different forms of socialism. The NSDAP was also quite radical, not conservative

I’m well aware that WW2 was a terrible world conflict that cost the lives of millions of people. To say that Hitler alone was responsible for all this is not correct in my opinion though. And I also think it is double standards to say that all the things Hitler did was so awful, while the opposing countries were just good guys

At first the National Socialists just wanted to get rid of the Jews from their influential presence in German society, many were forced to emigrate for example

Later on Jews were used as slave labour or executed

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[quote=“El Topo, post:12, topic:2465”]Shit I already gave my contribution to this begging, and I will refuse to play Lindberg games, if he want’s to sell his fish here let him do it, I will ignore it, like I ignore people that want to live under any kind of Reich, speaking the same, looking the same, and doing the same (at least until they can’t be ignored anymore), anyway being from Southern Europe I woul not stand much of a chance in Lindberg’s dream world, we should all ignore it and leave him speaking alone, this thread does not desearve our replies that’s what he want’s.
If it was it for me I would remove this thread, it’s possible to discuss politics ands relegion, not the best of things in such a Forum, but possible anyway, but Nazism is not politics.
I just hope not arriving from Africa with thing still here.[/quote]

Settle down El Topo , I don’t think Hitler had anything against Portuguese people, or people from Southern Europe in general :wink:

In fact Hitler was a big admirer of the ancient Mediterranean Roman and Greek cultures, and btw this is probably why he was so obsessed with huge buildings and parades and mass meetings and those things

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[quote=“Søren, post:30, topic:2465”]Please enlighten me. What is it that Lindberg has said that is so bad? As far as I can see he is only trying to draw a 3-dimensional image of Hitler as opposed to the default 2-dimensional we all run around with (very bad man) and give some more in-depth info to as to why WWII actually started and went the way it did.

But I can’t find anywhere where he defends Hitler or thinks he was a swell guy. So please tell me why I should be offended.

(Am I the only one reminded of Fawlty Towers: “Whatever you do don’t mention the war!” :slight_smile: )

Is a Hitler (or WWII)-thread off-topic (non SW-related)? You bet it is, just like 95% of the other threads in The Saloon.

So if people don’t like it they should probably just stay out of the thread. That’s what I do with the threads I have no interest in.[/quote]

Thanks Søren, you’re one of the few sane people here

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[quote=“Major Clyde, post:31, topic:2465”]Or mob rule?

Lindberg has proven himself to be a valuable member of this discussion board.

The Communist body-count is much higher than Hitler’s. Do we ban that? Oh, no-- goodbye Corbucci, Damiani, Lizzani and Sollima!![/quote]

Thanks Major Clyde

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He doesn’t quite say in Mein Kampf that you can sell any idea to the masses, but rather how propagande should be designed to be most effective for a political movement

You mean the Jews in Hollywwod have a better ‘propaganda machine’ :wink: