Missing members?

(John Welles) #321

Probably due to when the site crashed a few months ago - welcome back Pacificador!

(Pacificador) #322

Thanks J !

(Chris_Casey) #323

It seems that everyone that used to post in the Missing Members thread are now, themselves, missing!

Hola, amigos y amigas!
I still exist!
Sort of.
Been very busy taking care of my parents and working on something that might one day be called a music career!
Not much time for myself, these days.
Hope everyone is doing well!

(ENNIOO) #324

Glad to see you still exist Chris :slight_smile: .

(Chris_Casey) #325

Thanks, Ennioo!! Glad to see you are still here, amigo!

(Phil H) #326

Nice to see you back, Chris

(Chris_Casey) #327

Saludos, Phil!
Hope all is well with you, amigo!
Still miffed we didn’t get the chance to meet up when I was in the UK.
Strong possibility that I will be making more trips across the pond in the next year, or two.
I’ll keep you in the loop in that regard.

(Asa) #328

What’s happened to old Marvin W. Bronson? 1000 posts in three months and then… gone. He said “I concur” and “Spaghetti oater” fifty times per post, true, but I liked him! ;D Friendly fella, had a taste for quality punk/metal from the 80s/90s, same as me. He swept in, and swept back out again. Just like High Plains Drifter. But less rapey.

If he doesn’t come back soon, I’ll have to start talking to bloody Stanton instead! He only wants me for my looks and my general sexual magnetism!

(Stanton) #329

Oh god, Marvin please … where are you … quick …

(ENNIOO) #330

Maybe on holiday or suffering from post burn out :slight_smile: .


Maybe not enough members for him to satisfy his hunger to post. :smiley:

(JonathanCorbett) #332

Or maybe he irremediably lost his interest in alternative westerns due to his insane intention of watching Arrapaho… ;D

(Asa) #333

Well, I hope he’s alright, whatever happened. The rate at which he was posting was a bit jarring at first but actually it kind-of enlivened the forum. We spoke once or twice privately and he seemed like just a really nice fella.

(Sebastian) #334

bump bump bump :slight_smile:

(flynnparadox) #335

Well, I don’t know about anybody else but I’m back. Work and real life have got in the way, mostly. Some of it has been nice, though. I’ve written two books since I’ve been away! (Horror novels, both of them) I’ll post some more here…

(Sebastian) #336

Yay that is so great!

(Reverend Danite) #337

Ha! You think you can pop back in here without somemuch as a buy-your-leave, or offering us all out for a pint? I’d never behave such myself… :wink:
Welcome back Brother Paradox :slight_smile:


Reading through lots of old threads I see many names of members who have made themselves scarce. Where is Sartana1968? He seemed to hate almost all the films yet he was funny. How about Korano? I like his posts. And his top 20 was very interesting.
C’mon back already!


My exact thoughts, he seemed like a rather esoteric fellow :smile:

(Sebastian) #340

I’ve been successful at activating a rather sizeable number of folks, quantitatively, but of course lives change and habits, too. I will keep working on it, but of course it’s also great to see now folks arrive and the community growing beyond the “founding fathers” :slight_smile: