Missing members?

(Bill san Antonio) #341

Yeah, forums like this doesn’t seem so popular anymore. People seem to prefer hang in facebook and it’s film related groups which is kinda shame because all the discussion goes missing after a while.

(Sebastian) #342

totally. we support discussions independent from commercial platforms like FB and we’ll keep making an effort to draw people to this forum where a sustained debate can go on without the mercy of facebook’s algorithms

(ENNIOO) #343

Good new members have joined, keeps dicussions going.

(Sebastian) #344

There’s also an invitation thing in your forum profile so you can invite colleagues, friends, family etc :slight_smile:


I’ve only be posting since last year and I’m having a blast :slight_smile:

(tomas) #346

He is on facebook. He forgot password to his swdb profile. :grinning:

(JonathanCorbett) #347

Can’t something be done about this, Marshal?

(Sebastian) #348

yes click the forgot password thingy

(p.pereira) #349

Add option: got baby’s to care