Miss Dynamite / Tutti fratelli nel West … per parte di padre (Sergio Grieco, 1972)

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This film is also known as ‘Where the Bullets Fly’ and ‘All the Brothers of the West Support Their Father’ and stars Antonio Sabato and Marisa Mell.
I’ve had it lying around on an old ex rental VHS for a while but hadn’t watched it in years so I thought I’d give it a try even though I remember not liking it much the first time around.

Well, I wasn’t surprised. I still don’t like it very much. It’s a “comedy” that often looks like it should have Benny Hill in it (though he would have improved it) and just doesn’t hold together for me. At one point Lionel Stander appears as a gangster called Lucky Capone in a 1920’s car! From then on there is no way back for me. Sadly, there are also cameos from Fernando Sancho and Franco Ressel playing caricatures of themselves (I like both of these guys but not as clowns). It’s only bright side is that Marisa Mell looks great.

Anyone else seen this turkey?

I’ve had this on DVDR for a while but I don’t think I’ll ever bother with it now. Thanks for the review.

Hi Mart, I´m interested in this film, do u trade your films, I have a list that can be send to you, if want !

Just viewed this one.

Antonio Sabato and Marisa Mell are on the search for missing pieces of rock which show the location of a rich gold mine, but run into all sorts of trouble.

Fernando Sancho wiggles his rather large bottom and Lionel Stander chumps on a few cigars in this very standard 70’s romp western.

Really forgettable film, didn’t like it at all.

Misread the title & thought we were talking about the crime flick LADY DYNAMITE and said ‘wtf??’, but anyway,it looks like one I should stay miles away from.

Yep. It’s a stinker. One of the worst for me.

The Film was shown tonight in German TV:



Re viewed recently. As another forum member says from time to time…boring :smiley: .

Here’s another one for the turkey jerky bin. An utterly stupid comedy wannabe with some of the worst acting from just about everyone involved. The reason I watch this, it was for Marisa Mell and she nearly put me to sleep when she started singing that crappy song. Pffft!

The Ninth Sergio… ;D

Too many Sergio’s…

Hi. where can i get this film?

Shortened to eighty minutes, Fünf Klumpen Gold, the German-language edit of Tutti fratelli nel West …, was shown on German television several times over the last thirty years and can easily be found online. But doubtless you’re looking for an English-dubbed version. Whether Tutti fratelli nel West … is worth seeking out is a completely different question altogether: notable as Marisa Mell’s third and last Western film, after Amico, stammi lontano almeno un palmo and Der letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz. Its antibourgeois exposure recalls Gli specialisti.

@JonathanCorbett, @scherpschutter: Does the film’s Italian title translate as “All [are] brothers in the West … on the[ir] father’s side”? If yes, what is the nexus between title and story? Maybe the implication is that all gold-seekers are the old prospector’s sons. “C’è poco da ridere, a cominciare dal titolo che serve soltanto a suggerire qualche grossolano quanto stupido doppio senso” (spaghettiwestern.altervista.org). What exactly is the title’s “suggested coarse” and “stupid double meaning”?

I haven’t seen the movie (I have been looking on You Tube this afternoon, there are a few links, but they’re apparently not active during the day), so I have no idea what the movie’s about or what the connection between the title and the story could possibly be. I don not know the construction ‘per parte di’, maybe it has the same meaning as ‘da parte di’, on behalf of their father, but maybe @JonathanCorbett has other ideas

I haven’t seen the movie yet. Maybe a character is (or was) a lady’s man?

In any case, considering that all women are presented as cheating wives, the title seems to me mainly a curious variation on the S.O.B. theme typical of the early '70s*.

The part before the suspension point could also mean “All comrades in the West”, but what follows makes it abundantly clear the meaning is literal.

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  • at least, for a brief shot of Esmeralda Barros.

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