Massacre Time / Le colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro (Lucio Fulci, 1966)

(Asa) #161

Just watched Massacre Time today. Great film I thought, very straightforward, quite violent for what it is, horrible (by which I mean, very good) bad guy in the form of Nino Castelnuovo as “Junior” Scott; all cocked head, rictus grin and lilywhite frippery. Franco Nero isn’t quite as magnetic as he is in other films, maybe it was still early days for him (although his character is capable of some pretty spectacular acrobatics!). George Hilton was very good indeed, though.

(the_ugly) #162

Watched this again today. Thought it was better this time around. Think I prefer the American dub as the Chinese blacksmith is more intelligible. There are some really good comedy moments in the first half of the film. The ending is still disorientating though, in that I can’t work out where everybody is geographically :-\

(Marvin W. Bronson) #163

I suppose this one is okay. I’ve only seen it once, and probably need a repeat.

(the_ugly) #164

That’s what I thought first time around. I actually thought it was pretty great now, this was my third viewing. My dub of choice is the American dub. It would maybe make my top 10 now.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #165

A possible top ten, huh? I definitely need to watch this one again. I hope I come away with the same mileage!

(gringo_bastardo) #166

5 stars from me. I have yet to see “four of the apocalypse” but I liked this tad more than (excellent) silver saddle. Too bad glory days of spaghetti westerns were over when f/x started to get better but this still has some “usual” fulci brutality. I wonder how violent this would have been if fulci wud have directed around same time as his zombie flicks(I love eurohorror)…

Pity about george hilton interview, it starts really interesting but end up he keeps talking only about bullet for sandoval. If you have seen film he has nothing interesting to tell about it, really and if you have not there is some serious spoilers.

(Lorenzo) #167

I love its first 20 minutes, the opening scene, the title song and the outstanding cinematography through the very long film. I didn’t like the further unfolding of the story and for the moment I can’t clarify it. All in all it’s a very interesting contribution of Fulci to the genre but it couldn’t convince me: 6/10. However, I’m happy to have snatched the DVD from Subkultur Entertainment with this nice-looking cover:

(The Man With a Name) #168

Which DVD is the best quality?

(morgan) #169

I have the Sinister Cinema DVD. It runs for a little less than 90 minutes. English audio, poor widescreen picture, it doesn’t fill the TV screen in any direction. Surely there must be better releases.

(The Man With a Name) #170

I have the Wild East release. It’s not bad but it’s not comparable to Blue Underground quality. I just want to know if there’s a better transfer available.

(Rutledal) #171

I know there was a picture comparison between Wild East and the German disc somewhere.

(Farmer_J) #172

This one film I’m surprised has not had a proper soundtrack CD release yet. Still living in hope.

(The Man With a Name) #173

My love for this film grows the more times I watch it. Does anyone else prefer the American English dub to the Euro version?

(The Man With a Name) #174

I agree. The soundtrack is terrific.

(The Man With a Name) #175

Not sure why I didn’t think the Wild East disc was comparable to Blue Underground the last time I watched it. The print is excellent.


My favorite part about massacre time is Franco Nero as Tom. It works really well, especially the entire first half of the story, which deals with Tom obtaining a letter sending him home. All is not right at home however, and he quickly learns his home has been taken over by the “Scott” family. My second favorite part about Massacre time was when we met Jeff. Jeff (George Hilton) is a low life, drunk, who has hard time dealing with the death of his family members. I won’t give to much away, but the rest of the story deals with Tom coming to conclusion on who he really is and why the letter was sent to him. Their’s one good twist, plenty of shootouts/ bar room fights, and and an excellent score.

(Bill san Antonio) #177

George Hilton’s Jeff is one of my favorite sw characters.

(chuck connors brother) #178

Yeah, I liked the AIP dub much more



Although both are good!

(Nick) #180

Anybody ever hear of a Japanese dub being released? The Macaroni Western releases have only an Italian track on them, but I found this on youtube and it seems to be a trailer. I’ve never seen this before. Audio quality is super.