Massacre Time / Le colt cantarono la morte e fu … tempo di massacro (Lucio Fulci, 1966)

If you are a fan of Tarantino, do yourself a favor and see this movie…the reason:

Directed by Lucio Fulci and write by Fernando Di Leo

After viewing the film, I am very pleased to say that Fulci has directed an excellent western as well.
The music is a perfect example of a great non-Morricone score. Lallo Gori shows that he can have a style of his own and still create a score that is unmistakeably spaghetti western flavored. The theme song is fantastic, and you hear very different variations of it throughout the movie. This gives a feeling of continuity throughout the film without sounding redundant.
Nero and Hilton are both great, as usual. Hilton plays a funny character- a drunk who can shoot faster and straighter than anyone no matter how much he drinks! He can also fight several men at once even though he can’t walk a straight line. The other actors are very good also. Nino Castelnuovo gets to play the most interesting part in the film. His character is truly weird and sadistic, and his preoccupation with playing the organ adds a nice hint of the macabre.

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Yup, it’s great. I prefer this over Fulcis other westerns. Both Castelnuovo and Hilton are fantastic. There’s nothing wrong with Nero’s performance either, on the other hand. Catchy theme song also.

I’m not sure if this is my favorite Fulci western but really good one indeed. Hilton is at his best and is stealing the show from Nero. I really love the last 20 minutes of this film when it starts to really live up to it’s title. Great action and crazy killings by Nero and hilton who are just like two kids playing a game. The last shot of the movie is really beautiful.

Great movie by Fulci, maybe even his best SW !? Great actors (Hilton in his first SW appearance); super score; dark atmosphere; nice plot and pretty hard and brutal action !!! The version I’ve watched was probably cut but there was still lots of brutality !!!

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A little funny that Nero wears the same western-outfit, except poncho, that Eastwood wore in Fistful :wink:

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Finally got to see this film. I think it’s great. Great music, great action, great athmosphere…
it’s a shame there are no official DVD releases of this great film in the western hemisphere…

Yea, great film. I particularly like the outdoor banquet scene. Reminds me of the Mad Hatters tea party in Alice in Wonderland. Until Franco gatecrashes!

I liked it too. But it is on the index in Germany, isn’t it?

dont know ,but its a great movie…
perhaps in Austria some AustriaDVDShops have a huge number of Spaghetti-Western DVDs (i dont want to promote but i orderd some here :wink: )

not sure if it’s on the index, but it’s likely. Somebody should re-submit that to the FSK, I am sure it would pass with just a KJ or something

There’s italian dv release with english subs.
But I don’t know about the quality. bootleg release from DWV is quite poor but japanese release is probably the best available

by the way, we already had topic here about Massacre Time:,255.0.html

Maybe they should be merged together.

Bootlegs have their charm too ;D

yes but they do not support the publishing of more sws. for example, you buy all Koch Media discs, which are awesome and superior to any bootleg ever, and they are legal, and they make money and notice that they sell good so they release more of them.
if you buy bootlegs you only give money to some guy burning dvd-rs, but that doesnt support a DVD market that releases these films to the world legally

we should write an email to Koch Media which says that they should publish Masssacre Time :wink:

You’re absolutely right, but like Cian said earlier, if no other alternative is available then a bootleg is quite ok.

But it’s wonderful that more and more officially manufactured spaghettiwestern-dvd’s are being released!

Keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

and Wild East rocks, look what they’re bringing out these days. hooray (see other topics)

The OFDB says that the Uncut Version from Dr.Dressler is on the Index and the Cut VHS aren’t .Looks like we have ot wait for a good DVD…

indeed. I don’t know which one I watched, but I assume it was a copy of the dr dessler thing…
I really hope Wild East will do a good restoration. Koch Media probably won’t touch it because it won’t sell good, unless they resubmit it to the FSK and get a KJ/FSK 18 out of it…

I can’t guess the reason that it is on the index…

:-\ kinda dissapointing.Maybe my expectations were to high.